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Short Romance

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“Surely this must be a joke … right?” Sandra was looking
her uncle’s lawyer squarely in the eye, searching for the sign that would bring
a sigh of relief, the flicker of a smile or a wink, anything but his face
remained impassive.

“No, Ma’am. This is no joke.” He stood there in his
expensive suit, leather briefcase resting on the table top at his left hand as
though he were already tired of the questioning and was ready to leave, even
though Sandra was in his office. Holding up her uncle’s will in his right hand,
he said once more, “Shall I read it to you again?”

Sandra shook her head, feeling numb. “No, don’t bother. I
get it… I …I just don’t understand why Uncle Peter would do something like this
… it doesn’t make sense.”

“I don’t mean to be rude but I think we both know what
kind of man your uncle was, Ma’am.” The lawyer cocked his head to the side,
watching, waiting for her agreement his hands raised imploringly, eyes locking
onto hers willing her to nod but Sandra did nothing of the sort. Yes, her uncle
had been something of a black sheep, the odd one out in the family, not like
her father who was a regular hard-working family man. Uncle Peter had always
done things differently. She remembered the time when as a fourteen year-old
girl, high on puppy love for Ben Watson, a geeky kid who was now a millionaire,
her Uncle Peter had paid Paul Truman, the local bully to give him a hiding and
threaten to do it again if he ever came near her.

Sandra was angry, and this jumped up Lawyer with his
piggy little eyes and impatient manner was really beginning to drive her up the
wall. “No, I don’t know what you are trying to imply, but my uncle was a good
man and he wouldn’t have done something like this!” Sandra stood up from the
chair she had been sitting in and made herself taller, more threatening, her multi-colored
dress flapping as it caught up with the rest of her and the lawyer eyed it, his
face unreadable.

“I’m his niece, his only damn niece. Why would he make it
so difficult for me?” She threw her arms up once more to stress her point and
the blue sleeves of her dress flashed in the light from the overhead
fluorescents, almost blinding the lawyer in the process, who shielded his eyes
with one hand.

“I’m sure there is a reason behind the madness, Ma’am.”
He said, shrugging as he began to place the will back in his briefcase for
safekeeping, taking his time and not making any sudden movements just in case.

Sandra noticed, and at once her long slender fingers
removed themselves from her head where they had been wringing her hair
agitatedly and moved to her bag, which was resting against the base of the huge
leather recliner.

“Whatever, I haven’t got time for this farce.” Sandra
said, turning and walking to the double doors, leading to the outside world and
freedom, freedom from this madness.

“Ma’am, wait … are you …”

Just before the doors
closed, the lawyer heard, “Not in a million years!” and he smiled, nodding,

“Do it, Sandy, for two million dollars I’d marry a man 3
times my age ‘and’ have his baby!” Roxi leaned forward, chewing her gum
manically, her eyes wide, disbelieving.

Sandra was about to take a swig of her beer but stopped,
putting her beer back on the table with a loud thud. “You would do it for two
hundred dollars Roxi, let alone two million, and besides, I don’t even know
what this guy looks like. What if he’s really ugly?” Sandra felt the need to
take a long swig of her beer at that point, her imagination flashing unpleasant
images before her mind’s eye.

Roxi placed her empty beer in the middle of the table,
the bottle clinking against the other 3 empties, and rolled her eyes as she
snapped her gum suddenly. Then Roxi looked at her once more, shaking her head
as she explained, “Sandy, you gotta put things into perspective here, see. None
of that matters, his looks, his job, the guy’s weight, whatever … we are
talking two ‘million’ dollars here.”

“So?” Sandra shrugged, listening.

“Think this through. You’re about to go to college. You
have no job and no hope of getting one the way things are around here unless
you want to do what I do, of course?”  Roxi winked and lifted up her long red
hair in one hand, pulling it high up on her head seductively revealing her
slender neck, and rubbing one hand over her breasts as she gyrated at the
table, licking her lips, drawing stares from a group of truckers at the bar who
she loudly snapped her gum at before looking at Sandra once more.

Sandra looked disgusted, “eewww, no way on this earth
would you catch me doing that … no offence Roxi but look at your customers!”

Roxi laughed and but didn’t show any sign of having taken
offence. She was after all, a happy-go-lucky gal who lived life to the full.
She had neither the time nor the inclination to ever be serious about anything
… except money. “So, in that case little miss Sandy, your options are …
continue to be poor and in fact be ‘even’ poorer once you’re in college ‘or’
marry this mystery man, and get paid your two million dollars. Geez, you don’t
even have to live with the guy for Christ sakes … just do it, Sandy.”

Sandra thought for a moment. Roxi was right. She didn’t
have to live with the guy; and the will only stipulated that she simply  marry
him, not fall in love with him or spend any time with him. It didn’t look so
bad after all. Sandra smiled and Roxi, seeing her smile broke out into a huge
grin. “Another beer?”

“Don’t mind if I do, Roxi.”



Three years later …

The music in the club was electronic house or something
similar and it was a little repetitive for Sandra’s taste, still, she preferred
it to the usual pop and hip-hop that had suddenly grown popular throughout the
world. Her students were forever playing it on the radio but she didn’t mind,
as it somehow seemed to fuel their creativity as they worked. Roxi sat opposite
her chewing gum manically as she conversed with a young man who had latched
onto them both as they made their way through the club. Sandra watched the
exchange, a bored look on her face as the man, dressed in baggy jeans and
t-shirt gestured to Roxi again and again, that sly smile creasing up one side
of his face as he said something apparently clever because Roxi snapped her gum
and laughed, patting his arm flirtatiously. Sandra glanced over her shoulder
and spotted the man’s playmate, still watching her but she shot him a dirty
look and waved her hand at him dismissively. He had tried it on with her but
Sandra had blown him out in a heartbeat. She didn’t go for that macho,
over-confident, cocky crap that Roxi was so obsessed with in a guy; after all,
didn’t relationships based on that ‘bad-boy’ infatuation always end badly for
the girl?

She felt underdressed and woefully out of place.
up Thomas

She was in a good mood though, after all, tonight was the
night when Thomas would grant her the freedom she deserved after three years of
marriage. In the end she had married Thomas. The wedding had been a small
affair with Roxi, her uncle’s lawyer and one of Thomas’ friends there to
witness it. She had signed her life away and got out as quick as she could, not
hanging around to exchange pleasantries with Thomas who was actually not bad
looking. Long messy black hair that curled around his ears and light blue eyes,
he was quite an attractive man, and Sandra did find herself physically
attracted to him, despite the fact that he was almost twice her age. She had
avoided him for 3 years though, and met the full requirements of her uncle’s
will, now she wanted her life back.

Thomas eventually showed up and joined them at their
table, not before being swarmed and fawned over by both women and men as he
made his way across the dance floor, pumping fists and high fiving. Sandra felt
sick as she watched him, a wide grin plastered across his handsome face as he
finally found himself alone and standing before their table like a visiting

“Hey.” Sandra said, not sure what else to say.

“Sandra, it’s nice to see you after all this time.”
Thomas leaned in for a hug but Sandra merely offered her hand which he shook, a
look of surprise momentarily flashing across his face.

“Roxi, isn’t it?” Thomas said leaning across Sandra to
take Roxi’s hand.

Roxi took his hand and nodded, “Yes, long time no see
…Thomas.” She said her hand lingering too long on his and Sandra shot her a
look of warning from behind Thomas, Roxi winked and let go.

“You girls like a drink?” Thomas asked.

“Sure, I’ll have another beer.”

“Me too.” Sandra said, and watched as Thomas made off for
the bar, his fancy suit standing out like a sore thumb in the younger crowds of
the club.

Roxi snapped her gum and raised her eyebrows, “That man
is hot, Sandy!”

“He’s not bad.” Sandra shrugged.

“Who are you kidding?” Roxi said, watching him as he
leant over the bar, “I can’t believe you didn’t even sleep with him once.” 
Roxi shook her head, a puzzled look on her face.

“Because I’m not you, Roxi.” Sandra said, laughing. “I’m
looking for a man who will romance me and treat me like a real woman, not some
playboy who expects sex on a plate.” She said, beginning to slowly peel the
label off her beer.

“Good luck finding that, Sandy. There are men like that
out there but I ain’t ever had one.” Roxi said.

“I’ll find one.” Sandra said, knowing it was that or
celibacy and she shuddered at the thought.

Thomas came back with not only beer but a bucket full of
ice in which rested a bottle of champagne. He smiled, “Ladies, let’s have us a

For the next few hours they drank and talked, Sandra
getting to know Thomas a little more and even beginning to see glimpses of a
different side of Thomas. A gentle side that lacked the vanity and arrogance of
his usual manner and began to grow on Sandra as the night wore on. They even
danced towards the end of the night and in between Roxi gyrating between them
and getting a little too close to Thomas for comfort, Sandra managed to get close
to him, smelling him. He smelled good, she didn’t know what it was but he
smelled like security, strength and masculinity, all the things she needed. It
was crazy but she felt the attraction between them, she and this man who was
twice her age.

Still, the end of the night came and it was time to get
what she came for. Roxi waited by the road as Sandra talked it out with Thomas,
her red blouse drastically unsuitable for the cold night air and she shivered
as she tried to convince Thomas. She wasn’t even convinced herself anymore, but
it had to be the alcohol that was causing her to feel that way. When Thomas put
his arms around her gently, Sandra didn’t protest, she was freezing and Thomas
was so warm and strong. It felt good to be held, and Sandra’s defenses crumbled
all at once. Before she knew what she was doing she had agreed to stay married
to Thomas for 6 more months, why, she didn’t know exactly, but what was another
six months anyway. The hell with it.

“I’ll be seeing you very soon, Sandra. You take care
darling.” Thomas said, his hands reluctantly releasing her.

“Bye Thomas.” Sandra said, feeling confused and unsure of
herself. She definitely felt something for him … maybe it was the alcohol.



The next day, Thomas sat alone at one of the tables
sipping a scotch on the rocks, deep in thought. The loud thumping music
reverberating throughout the club didn’t penetrate into his space; he was lost
half in thought, half in feeling. He hadn’t felt this way before, at least not
in many years, since he was a teenager. That seemed like an age ago. It was an
age ago. Running his hands through his long black hair, Thomas sighed and
reluctantly admitted to himself he liked Sandra. She was … unusual, completely
the opposite of the girls he usually went for but then there was something
about her that called to him, beckoned him. He couldn’t put his finger on it
but it was there and he couldn’t escape the feeling that held him tightly in
its grip no matter how much scotch he drank, or how many beautiful girls he
spoke to. It was getting worse.

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