Longarm and the Horse Thief's Daughter (2 page)

Chapter 3

The train slowed with a shudder and a crashing of couplings. Finally it came to a jolting halt, and the conductor, a pudgy man in a scarlet coat and flat cap, announced, “Silver Plume, all out for Silver Plume.”

Longarm was the only passenger detraining at the Silver Plume station. He stepped down onto the platform, the air full of the stink of coal smoke and steam, the engine hissing and snorting like something that belonged in Hell itself.

He walked back to the baggage car and retrieved his gear and carried everything across the street and down several blocks to the livery.

“Why, hello, Marshal,” the hostler said in greeting.

Longarm remembered the man from a previous visit but could not recall his name. He smiled and said, “Howdy. It's good t' see you again.”

“Good to see you too, Marshal. What will you be wanting this trip?”

“A decent riding animal, with tack, and a mule or a burro to carry my things here,” Longarm told him.

“I have just what you need. Count on it. Will this be on a government voucher like the last time, Marshal?”

Longarm sighed. “No, this is out of my own pocket, so go easy on me, will you?”

The hostler lifted an eyebrow but did not question the change. “I'll give you my best rate. Fifty cents a day for the horse and a quarter for a sturdy little burro I got out back. And I'll throw in the tack for the horse and a pack saddle for the burro. I can't do fairer than that.”

Longarm paused for a moment to work out what three weeks in the mountains would cost. It was a good deal the man was offering. He nodded and produced a twenty-dollar double eagle that he handed to the man, saying, “There should be some change from that, but we'll figure that out when I get back from wherever I end up.”

The hostler—his name was Eugene, Longarm remembered now—slipped the gold coin into his pocket. “You're headed up the mountain, I take it. Prospecting?”

“Fishing,” Longarm told him.

Eugene nodded. “There's nothing on this side of the mountain, but over on t'other side there's some good lakes for fishing and some decent streams feeding them. They say the trout practically jump into your frying pan and ask to be et.”

“I hope you're right about that,” Longarm said. “It sounds like just what I need.”

“Do you want I should cut them out and saddle them for you?” Eugene asked.

“No,” Longarm said, “I'm in no hurry. I think tonight I'll spend in a bed. Maybe play some cards if I can find a game.” He grinned again. “An' eat somebody else's cooking one last time before I sour my gut with my own cooking for the next few weeks.”

Eugene laughed. “If I had to eat my own cooking, Marshal, I'd starve. Or poison myself. Tomorrow morning early, then?”

“That sounds about right, Eugene. Crack o' dawn. Or, um, anyway before noon.”

“They'll be ready for you. If you'd like to leave your gear here, I'll have it all loaded for you.”

“That's mighty nice o' you. Thanks.”

“Glad to be of service, Marshal.”

“In that case, Gene, I'll see you in the morning.” Longarm touched the brim of his Stetson and ambled out of the livery.

There was a boardinghouse just a block away, one that he remembered from his last visit to Silver Plume.

He just hoped that the same little widow woman, Mrs. Amanda Carricker, was still running the place.

Chapter 4

Amanda greeted him with a huge smile and a warm hug. “Custis. What a nice surprise. Will you be staying with me for a spell?”

“Just for one night, Mandy.” He laughed. “I don't think I could handle more'n that.”

“I would like to test that claim,” she said, leading him into the foyer.

Carricker's Boarding was a three-story house. Paying boarders had the top two floors, while Amanda lived in an addition built behind the kitchen.

“Do you have a room for me?” Longarm asked.

“Dear,” Amanda said, linking her arm into his, “you will be staying down here with me.” She winked and added, “Of course, my sweet.”

He gave the lady a kiss on the forehead and leaned back to look her over. She had changed little since the last time he saw her.

Longarm had never asked, but he guessed that the widow was in her early forties or thereabouts.

She was a small woman, vivacious and happy. She had black hair pinned up in a severe bun at the back of her head, dark eyes, full lips, and a diminutive height but a full—and then some—figure.

Amanda ran a very efficient boardinghouse, with boarders fed well at her serving table morning and evening alike.

And the lady liked to fuck.

Longarm felt her tongue slide into his mouth and her hand grope his cock.

She stepped back from him and winked again. “Later, dear. After my duties are done.”

She led him into the parlor and got him settled into a comfortable chair, then disappeared into the kitchen. Moments later a tall woman emerged from that same door, this lady carrying a tray with a bottle of brandy and snifters.

Longarm jumped to his feet. “Ma'am.”

She smiled. “I'm LouAnne,” she said. “Amanda and I were roommates at finishing school. Now we live much too far apart, so I am here for a visit.”

That put LouAnne at about the same age as Amanda, but physically the two could not have been much more different. LouAnne was tall and slim and elegant. She had dark auburn hair and green eyes, apple cheeks and long, long eyelashes.

“Brandy?” she offered.


LouAnne poured the brandy and handed the balloon glass to Longarm. He remembered how a gentleman was supposed to handle the drink—although he preferred less fuss and more kick—so he stuck his nose above the bell of the brandy snifter and inhaled.

Not that he knew what all the fuss was supposed to be about. Booze was booze and the idea was to drink it, not to sniff it.

Still, it was all a matter of politeness, he supposed. He saluted LouAnne with his glass and took a swig. For brandy this was not bad stuff.

“Another?” Mandy's old friend offered.

“Sure, why not.”

“Dinner will be served promptly at six, then the gentlemen will retire either to the parlor or to the porch. Mandy suggests you might like to join the two of us in her suite,” LouAnne said.

Longarm nodded and took a small sip—he had guzzled the first glass, forgetting that brandy drinkers were supposed to go slow with their drinking for some reason—then said, “It'll be my pleasure.”

When LouAnne bent down to serve the brandy, he could not help but notice that the lady had practically nothing inside the bodice of her gown. She just about had no tits.

Not that that mattered. But she was otherwise a rather attractive woman.

None of his business, of course. She was just Mandy's old pal, probably married and with a passel of children back wherever it was that she came from.

“Six, you said,” he said, regretting that he'd left his watch back home. He was getting hungry.

“Can I get you something to tide you over?”

Longarm grinned. “You, lady, are a mind reader. Thanks.”

“Make yourself comfortable there.” She laughed. “You will know when it is time for dinner. There will be a stampede for the dining room that you won't be able to miss.”

Longarm saluted the lady with his snifter again and reached for the brandy decanter to help himself to another. It seemed the more he drank of this shit the better he liked it.

Chapter 5

They left LouAnne in the parlor chatting with some of the gentlemen who boarded with Amanda. Longarm and his gracious hostess retired to her suite, which consisted of a small sitting room where she could escape to some privacy and a much larger and comfortably furnished bedroom.

Amanda shed her clothing with a magician's speed. Longarm grinned and shucked his as well.

He had long heard the expression that anything more than a mouthful was wasted, but he had to admire tits as large as Mandy's. They were as big as ripe melons with nipples the size of a workingman's thumb. He happened to know from past experience that those nipples were marvelously sensitive.

Her tits were beginning to sag as middle age set in, but her waist was still small, her belly reasonably flat, and her legs shapely. Her bush was black and tightly curled.

He took her into his arms and kissed her, then allowed her—it was awfully nice of him—to lead him to the bed.

“Wait,” she said. Amanda turned and drew the bedspread down. Longarm thought the rear view was quite as nice as the front of her. Her butt was round and pink, and he happened to know that she liked to be fucked there.

When she straightened up, he wrapped his arms around her, his now throbbingly erect cock fitting nicely into the crack of her ass, and kissed her on the back of the neck.

Amanda shivered and guided his hands to her tits. He toyed with her nipples. This time she shuddered with a sudden convulsive climax. He had forgotten how easily the lady came, but he liked it. A woman who reached her climax that quickly was a pleasure, made a man feel like quite the accomplished lover, never mind that it was her sensitivity and not his expertise that made the difference.

Longarm turned her around and kissed her again. While their mouths were locked together, their tongues probing and fencing, he picked her up and placed her down onto the sheets.

“Don't come inside yet,” Mandy warned. “I want you nice and fresh while I suck you for a while first. And if you don't mind, I would like for you to suck me too.”

“I don't mind a bit,” Longarm whispered into her ear.

Amanda laughed. “That tickles.”

“Good.” He did it again, and she shivered. He was not sure if she had come again or not, so he did it a third time. This time he was sure. She reached another climax.

He dipped his head to her tits and began to suck her right nipple.

“Wait,” Amanda said. She wriggled around beneath him so that her head was at his crotch while his nose was buried in her bush. “Now,” she said.

She peeled back his foreskin and took him into her mouth, engulfing him in wet heat.

“Damn that feels good,” he said.

“Shut up and lick me,” Amanda demanded.

He did as he was asked, and the woman shuddered again, her pussy clenching tight and practically asking for a dick to be placed there.

In good time, he thought. That was one of the advantages of starting early. They had plenty of time to play and explore and enjoy.

Longarm's nose was buried in Amanda's pussy when he heard the unmistakable click of a door latch being opened. And him caught naked as a boiled egg with his face buried in Amanda Carricker's short and curlies.

Chapter 6

“Naughty, naughty.” And then laughter.

Longarm looked up, fairly well mortified, to see Mandy's old school chum LouAnne standing beside the bed.

“And what are you two doing?” LouAnne said. “As if I didn't know. Shame on you.” She laughed. “Shame on you for not inviting me to this party.” With that the tall, lovely woman began to strip off her clothing.

LouAnne, it turned out, had a perfectly lovely body, long and sleek and flawless. Flawless, that is, unless you counted an almost complete absence of tits as a flaw.

What passed for tits on LouAnne's scrawny chest were tiny bags of flesh with even smaller pink nipples set atop. Longarm had seen flapjacks with more body than LouAnne's tits.

The rest of her body was well nigh perfect, however. Her belly was completely flat, her waist tiny—Longarm wondered if she might have taken a page from the book of Southern girls who had their lower ribs removed so they could achieve unnaturally small waists—and her legs slim.

She had no pubic hair. None. Her crotch was as naked as the rest of her. Obviously she shaved there, and had done so recently because she had no stubble. Longarm liked the look. She seemed clean and inviting with her pink slit on display.

“Well?” she demanded.

Amanda rolled onto her back and smiled. “Come join us,” she invited.

LouAnne did not have to be asked twice. She lay down and began fondling Mandy's tits, then sucking her friend's nipples.

“You don't mind, do you, dear?” Amanda asked.

“I, un, no, of course not,” Longarm stammered.

“Good.” LouAnne transferred her attentions to Longarm, alternately kissing him and then kissing Amanda's pussy.

She moved toward the foot of the bed and while Longarm ate Amanda's cunt, LouAnne sucked Longarm's cock.

“Tasty,” she said at one point, smacking her lips loudly and then laughing.

“Have you come yet, dear?” LouAnne asked.

Longarm was not sure which of them the question was intended for, but Amanda answered, “Not yet, sweetie.”

“Let me know when you do.”

A minute or so later Amanda shuddered and moaned and shortly afterward said, “Oh, yes, I did.”

“Then let's switch,” LouAnne said. “I want to taste that sweet pussy juice.”

Longarm lay on his back while the girls exchanged places, Amanda going down on his rock-hard cock while Longarm had the distinct pleasure of eating LouAnne's clean and smooth and lightly perfumed pussy.

“Both now,” LouAnne said after several minutes.

Longarm did not know what the two women intended. He had no complaints when he found out. Both of them concentrated on his middle, Amanda sucking his cock while LouAnne licked and sucked his balls.

They rolled him onto his side, and laughing playfully, the two moved one in front and the other in back, LouAnne sucking Longarm's cock while Amanda tongued his asshole and the sensitive area at the base of his balls.

“Unless you want . . . ,” he began, then, “Oh, never mind.”

He let go, releasing his load of cum into a mouth. At that point he was not even entirely sure whose mouth he was coming in—it turned out to be LouAnne's—and he did not much care. Whoever it was felt damned good deep in her mouth.

The girls sat up laughing and wiping their mouths.

“Switch now,” Amanda said.

“Again?” Longarm asked.

“Oh, I think you will like this, dear.”

“I've damn sure liked it so far, so just tell me what you have in mind.”

What Amanda intended became clear soon enough. Amanda sucked Longarm while Longarm sucked LouAnne while LouAnne sucked Amanda.

“The way we play,” Amanda explained helpfully, “is that we stay like this until everyone has had a chance to come.” She giggled. “Then we switch around and everybody swaps.”

“That's when I get to drink your cum,” LouAnne said.

“And I get to eat Annie's pussy,” Amanda added.

“See? Now, come on. It will be fun.”

It was fun indeed.

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