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Live Long, Die Short


Live Long, Die Short
is the Rosetta Stone of successful aging. Beautifully written by Dr. Roger Landry, this book translates the most up-to-date science related to human wellness and vitality into an engaging guide to a better life. I especially appreciated Dr. Landry’s fluid, reassuring prose. He has a bright future as a writer.”

—William Thomas, MD, founder of the Eden Alternative; author of
What Are Old People For: How Elders Will Save the World

“The philosopher Camus once said something like this: ‘In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.’ Roger Landry’s book is the invincible summer human operator’s manual. It blows up long-standing aging stereotypes and self-fulfilling prophecies and replaces them with evidenced-based attitudes and behaviors that can transform the aging experience for each of us, and for those whose lives we touch every day. None of us wants to age. Yet, our attitudes, our lifestyle, and our management of inevitable health conditions built into our gene pool or caused by chance are factors we can either accept, mange, or change our outlook about so as to maximize the fulfillment of life as we age. A must-read—even more: a must-reference. The Dr. Spock book for aging! Keep it on the shelf and dog-ear parts that you will refer back to often. Roger’s book is well done, honest, and hopeful.”

—Larry Minnix, president and CEO of LeadingAge

Live Long, Die Short
, Dr. Roger Landry presents a wealth of practical and scientifically sound recommendations on what it takes to age successfully. This book not only provides readers with implementable, life-altering strategies but also educates them about the human potential that exists in later life. It will change your expectations of aging.
Live Long, Die Short
is a must-read for everyone who cares about living well at any age.”

—Colin Milner, CEO of the International Council on Active Aging

“Dr Landry’s message is that both society and the individual can do much more to ensure we live our best lives as we age. He is a pioneer in his field, and his holistic approach in
Live Long, Die Short
will resonate across generations.”

—James Taylor, president, Division Southeast, Sodexo Healthcare Services

“Ten thousand Baby Boomers turn sixty-five each day, all marching to a destination, in fact to many different destinations. Now, they’ve got a road map to chart their journey into later life. Dr. Landry is the physician we’ve been waiting for. Now he’s written us all a prescription that will help us reach our goal of successful aging.”

—Harry R. Moody, PhD, retired vice president at AARP

Live Long, Die Short
provides us with a road map to truly maximize not only quantity but also quality of life. Dr. Landry has clearly illuminated the path and taught us that each and every one of us in the driver’s seat and in control of how we age.”

—Robert Winningham, PhD, author of
Train Your Brain: How to Maximize Memory Ability in Older Adulthood
; psychology professor and chair of the Psychology Division at Western Oregon University

“At last, some practical guidance on aging better. Dr. Landry’s empathetic yet motivating message is a breath of fresh air. Authentic health! Th is concept is so simple and rational, yet a breakthrough in our understanding of what makes us healthy.
Live Long, Die Short
is a must-read for all who struggle to age in a better way.”

—Charles H. Roadman II, MD, Air Force Surgeon General, retired; former CEO and president of Assisted Living Concepts Inc.

This book is intended as a reference volume only, not as a medical manual. The information given here is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, you should seek competent medical help. You should not begin a new health regimen without first consulting a medical professional.

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Lucky parents who have fine children usually have lucky children who have fine parents.




I never could have written this book without help: inspiration from the magnificent Masterpiece Living Team for what they have achieved in changing aging in this country; support and opportunity from my brother, Larry, a visionary who continues to surprise me; the prodding of my good friend George Devins; the fabulous Greenleaf staff; encouragement from the hundreds of older adults who graciously urged me to write down the words I shared with them in their lecture halls, dining areas, and living rooms over the last fifteen years, and many of whom in turn shared their inspiring life stories with me; the understanding of those most prominent in my world: Paula, my wife and lifelong companion, my inspiring adult children, Jen and Jeff, and supportive close friends—all of whom allowed me to be periodically absent from my life during the last year in order to bring an idea to reality; and most of all, Jackson, Dylan, Hunter, and Abigail, my grandchildren, who unknowingly kept me at the computer with a hope of making their world better than mine.



Why This Book?

The Time of Our Lives

A New Look at Health, Change, and Aging

Chapter 1
Where Are We Now? How Did We Get Here?

Chapter 2
What We Know Now

Chapter 3
Can We Change?

Chapter 4
Your Personal Lifestyle Inventory

Ten Tips to Achieve Authentic Health and Successful Aging

Tip 1
Use It or Lose It

Tip 2
Keep Moving

Tip 3
Challenge Your Brain

Tip 4
Stay Connected

Tip 5
Lower Your Risks

Tip 6
Never “Act Your Age”

Tip 7
Wherever You Are … Be There

Tip 8
Find Your Purpose

Tip 9
Have Children in Your Life

Tip 10
Laugh to a Better Life

In a Nutshell

Where Do We Go From Here?

Chapter 16
A Look Into Our Future: It Won’t Be What You Think

Chapter 17
A Moral Imperative: When There’s Really No Choice

Chapter 18
Bringing “What If?” to Reality: The Rest of the Masterpiece Living Story

The Time of Our Lives … Really





About the Author



This is a remarkable book—remarkable for its candor, its range, and, most important, for the scientific validity of its information about how to age successfully.

This book is not an autobiography, but in the course of explaining his current work and his dedication to a health-promotive lifestyle, Dr. Landry is candid about his own life and his career of twenty-three years in the US Air Force. He is explicit about the disappointing discovery, shortly after his retirement from the Air Force, that his central emphasis as a physician—preventing disease and deterioration—was considered, at least by some medical providers, as an unprofitable alternative to dramatic and expensive repairs of damage already done. Finally, he is candid about his enthusiasm for the accumulating evidence that a combination of diet, exercise, supportive social relations, and productive activity can really bring people closer to a better aging experience.

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