Kelsey and the Quest of the Porcelain Doll (8 page)

hat night moonlight shone through the window as Amy Jo lay cuddled in the crook of Kelsey's arm. It was just what she had wished for when she waited for so long on the shelf in the Teddy Bear Shop: someone to love her. Amy Jo had completed her quest at last.

She knew now there were many people to love her, like Zebi, Rubi and the old tailor, but Kelsey was the one she was chosen for.

Amy Jo opened her eyes and watched Kelsey breathing
Kelsey's fair eyelashes quivered and her golden hair curled around her cheek. If Amy Jo could move she would have reached out and touched Kelsey's face.

– Dad

– good

– God be praised

– God, usually used by Muslims in Pakistan

– come

– son

– daughter

– cat

– sweet milky tea

– flat bread cooked on the stove

– a light bed with a string or rope netting; often called a string bed

– quiet

– friend

– doll (pronounced goodiya)

– elephant

– sir

– yes (short for
ji hahn
). Also used after names as respect

– God, usually used by Christians in Pakistan

– shirt or top

– the monetary currency of Pakistan

– hello (meaning peace to you)

salaam ji
– hello dear one

– a fried pastry filled with vegetables or minced meat

– baggy pants or trousers

shalwar qameez
– outfit of clothes with baggy long pants and long loose shirt

– thank you

teik hai
– fine, okay

– Mum

– bravo, wow

Kelsey and the Quest of the Porcelain Doll
is based on stories I told my own daughter, Lenore, in Pakistan when I knew a porcelain doll was on its way to her for Christmas from her nanna. She called the doll in the story Amy Jo after Amy Jo Inniger who was her ‘big sister' in boarding school. Lenore never guessed that the stories were about a doll intended for her and when she opened her gift from Nanna she got such a surprise and named the real doll Amy Jo too. Lenore and I can't remember the exact stories about the doll but the concept of
Kelsey and the Quest of the Porcelain Doll
is the same. I loved the story of
The Tin Soldier
The Lost Coin
when I was young and, later,
The Velveteen Rabbit
. I have always been fascinated by the adventures of lost things before they are found and loved again.

I have many people to thank. My daughter, Lenore, who has yet again encouraged me to write a story; Makayla and Amelia for all your ideas and listening to the story as I was writing it; Wendy Noble for being an early reader with helpful suggestions; Janeen Brian for reading it too and for your encouragement; Gracie Allen for your helpful tips and liking this adventure story; Kristina Schulz and Kristy Bushnell at UQP for your confidence in this story, fabulous expertise and clever ideas; and Eunice Hill for finding the family of the real Amy Jo.

The book Kelsey is reading is
The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie
by Kirsty Murray.


Briony Stewart

Winner – Aurealis Award for Best Children's Literature

Notable Book – 2008 CBCA Book of the Year Awards

Kumiko doesn't like going to bed. She can't sleep. The reason she can't sleep is the giant dragon that sits outside her bedroom window every single night.

So one night she plucks up the courage to ask the dragon to leave, not knowing that the truth she is about to discover is more thrilling than anything she could ever have imagined.

This delightful story will take young readers on a soaring dragon adventure, as Kumiko discovers a strength she never knew she had.

‘Briony Stewart's story about a girl facing her fears is perfect for early readers. It's full of humour, wisdom and adventure.'
Sunday Age

Kumiko and the Dragon
Stewart creates a colourful, magical world.'
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Kelsey and the quest of the porcelain doll / Rosanne Hawke.

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Cultural awareness – Juvenile fiction.

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