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Kym Grosso


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Photographer: Golden Czermak, FuriousPhotog

Cover Models: Jase Dean and Tamara Summers

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This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, locations and events portrayed in this book are a work of fiction or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to actual events, locales, or real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.




This is an adult erotic paranormal romance book with love scenes and mature situations. It is only intended for adult readers over the age of 18.


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Chapter One

Shackled to the dungeon wall, Jax had never for a second lost focus.
The Alpha would have his revenge. The beast stirred, calculating its escape. Its blood boiled, raging at the monster that had captured him.

Thoughts of the night he’d been kidnapped flashed through his mind. He’d been sitting in his friend, Finn’s, nightclub drowning his troubles in a bottle of scotch, mourning the death of his beta, Nick. Getting drunk hadn’t dulled his senses enough to curtail his heroic tendencies. When he’d spied a woman falling unconscious on the dance floor, he’d rushed to her side. Stunned, he’d thought he recognized the injured beauty.
Katrina Livingston.

At one time, the Alpha had suspected she could have been his mate. They’d met at a holiday party. A simple handshake had pricked a sexual awareness that he’d never experienced with another female. The strange sensation had temporarily abated after he’d thought she’d left, and he’d reasoned it’d been a fluke. But later in the evening, he’d found her on the balcony, taking in the sight of winter’s first snowflakes, and they’d connected.

Sitting next to the outdoor fireplace, she’d accepted his jacket. Discussing everything from publishing to ice skating, their conversation had lasted nearly two hours. They’d laughed and discovered they both loved visiting New Orleans. An artist, she’d been born and raised in Louisiana, but had moved to Philadelphia with her brother. He’d asked her on a date, wishing to take her on a tour of his city, but she simply smiled, a sad expression washing over her face. When Jax had gone to the bar to get drinks, he’d returned to find that she’d disappeared.

It wasn’t as if he’d known for certain she was his future mate, but the nagging suspicion had driven him to track her down in Philadelphia. At first she’d merely refused to talk with him, not answering his calls. In his typical determined style, Jax had taken it further, contacting her brother, Tristan, Alpha of Lyceum Wolves. When he’d accused him of attempting to force a mating, Jax had been confused. While it was true that he’d aggressively pursued Katrina, he’d never in any way attempted to coerce her into his pack. The disagreement had escalated, nearly inciting a war between him and her brother.

He recalled the fateful night at the club. When he’d witnessed someone who looked like Katrina falling ill, he’d gone soft, rushing to her side. Despite everything that had happened, his protective instinct had driven him to remain with her, insisting he accompany her in the ambulance. The hazy memory lingered, and Jax still couldn’t be sure what had happened next. Katrina had transformed into something foreign, something evil. The creature wielded dark magick, injecting him with the poison and rendering him unconscious. During his captivity, it had appeared to him as different people, and he’d questioned his sanity.

Jax licked the crust from his lips; the iron-tanged blood only served to remind him of the pain they’d inflicted. All that had been lost. Nick, his beta, had died in battle, his essence soaking into the bayou mud. Despite the tragedy, his freedom robbed, dignity remained wrapped around the Alpha like a steel cloak. Nothing would change the inevitability of the moment or deter him from his task. Every lash of the whip had sharpened his resolve to exact vengeance upon the perpetrator. Deliberate and calm, he’d strategized his attack. Patience had superseded his urge for reprisal. However, today he’d be free. Dying wasn’t an option, but killing a necessity.

A faint cry in the distance heightened his senses. It was the first sign of life he’d heard in weeks. The intermittent whimper echoed throughout the stone walls. Jax drew a deep breath, resisting the distraction that called away his focus. The slice of his canines tearing through his gums honed his attention. He’d deliberately starved himself, forcing his feral beast to the surface. It’d be likely he’d lose control, he knew. A risk he’d take; there was no other choice.

His swollen lids opened, taking in the sight of the approaching guard. Adrenaline pumped through his veins; unable to move, he’d have to lure his prey to his side with a split second chance at the kill. The shuffled sound of footsteps resonated in his ears.

He slowed his heartbeat, eyes staring as if death had come for him. Every cell in his body feigned surrender, conserving energy.

“Wake up, asshole.”

Jax ignored the command and lay limp on the floor, his fangs pricking his own lips. The only thing that mattered was the blood he planned to spill. Tonight there’d be no struggle as the silver laced needle came at his skin. Like a lion stalking his prey in the Serengeti, he’d patiently wait for his prize.

Despite his weakened state, he detected the stench of stale cigarettes and whiskey on the human’s breath. The kick to his thigh jolted him into battle, and he launched to attack. Ripping into the guard’s neck, the Alpha went feral. The first rush of blood was like water to a dying plant. Jax tore at his flesh, swallowing the meat. Aside from a garbled cough, no sound resonated as life drained from the body. Exercising restraint, he ceased the attack to reach into his victim’s pockets and search for the key to his shackles. His forefinger scratched along the serrated edge of the tiny metal implement. Yanking it out of the tattered fabric, Jax freed himself within seconds.

Although the blood and flesh of his captor surged his energy, it wasn’t nearly enough to satiate his wolf, to force the shift he’d need to heal. Clawing his way up the jagged wall, Jax shoved to his feet. Dizziness threatened to topple him, but he closed his eyes, willing his balance to return.

His beast growled, urging him out of his cell. The musty scent of mold choked him as he made his way through the labyrinth of the tunnels. A pinprick in the distance blossomed into a streak of dusty light, and he stumbled toward the faint hope of freedom. Jax tensed in anticipation of the enemy as a shadow to his right stirred. His vision sharpened on the source, a crumpled feminine form tied to a pole.

Jax dug his claws into the doorjamb, a growl gritted through his teeth.
Fuck me
They’ll be here any second. Your priority is getting home to your pack, not her.
Jax had lost count of his days in captivity, but his mind had never stopped worrying about the state of his pack. Although he estimated he’d been missing for weeks, his mind remained clouded from the poison, and it could have been more than a month. With no beta to lead in his absence, battles for dominance would begin. Wolves would die in the process. Weakened and distracted, the pack would be susceptible to attack.

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