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He pushed himself up over her torso, planting his thigh squarely in her overworked slit, steaming with the deposit he had left. His face found her breasts. Hughes' rough hands held each one to his lips and he vigorously drank, bathing her entire nipple with his tongue, desperate to draw out the otherworldly milk that guided his lifelong obsession.

She felt his teeth tighten, his face serene and focused, not daring to lift off her until he was satisfied.

Mallory moaned and ran her fingers through his short crop of brown hair. No man had ever worshiped her body the way he did.

In that moment, she felt like his fountain, but it wasn't an unwelcome sensation.
If I can satisfy just this
one man, with all my being, then I've achieved something. Is it sick that I want to be here forever,
pumping out child after child for him?

She no longer saw herself as a young woman with shattered dreams and unrealistic aspirations. Now, her goals were fixed and concrete – the animalistic impulses of a human cow, rather than an alienated misfit in society.

Hughes smiled as he sucked, noticing her changes. Mallory made the perfect candidate due to her

submissive nature, but he didn't guess that she would be reshaped so completely.

The Doctor bit down and sucked hard, feeling the liquid run dry. Her leathery nipple was all that

remained. He flicked it a few last times with his hard tongue as she groaned with delight, massaging the opposite breast he had drained before.

“A man's work is never done,” he sighed, pulling away from her. Mallory watched sadly as he dressed and left, going back to his office, where heaps of emails and reports awaited that had to be transmitted to the Joint Committee on Pi Lactate by the end of the evening.

“Come back soon,” she whispered, causing him to freeze near the door.

“It might be a few days. I've shown you how to use the machine yourself. Regrettably, I'm entering a critical phase of the project now, but I'll return as soon as I can. If all goes well, it will be on a more permanent basis,” he said, striding back over one last time to plant a firm kiss on her lips.

His disappearance over the next couple weeks was maddening. She had no desire to go out into a world where she no longer belonged.

Even the gritty and glamorous shows on television provided no distraction. They were just more

ghostly echoes of the world she despised, one that had desperately tried to guide her down roads to nowhere, away from the new existence she adored.

If it wasn't for him, where would I be? Stuck in some minimum wage office, no doubt, going home to
my pathetic apartment and staring at the mounting bills,
she thought with a sneer.

Her emotions were high – perhaps higher than usual with pregnant hormones swirling through her

blood. She rarely walked on two legs anymore, except when she had to. Instead, she clomped from

bedroom to kitchen on all fours, bending her head down to the small trough of yogurt and fruit she had prepared earlier.

The outside world is many things, but not hospitable for a girl like me. No, I'm not really a girl, am I?

I'm something else...a human cow, his cow.

She chewed her food, savoring the sweetness of the berries. Her swollen belly and udders bobbed

beneath her with every movement, permanent reminders of what she had become.

As long as I'm his, it doesn't matter what I am. Without his sanctuary, I never would've

survived...something would have given sooner or later. But here I am, sound and happy, all beneath my
master's watchful gaze.

Mallory smiled, thinking of Hughes. His satisfied grin mattered more than the beautiful forests beyond the campus, or the concrete citadels, or paying her student debt on time. Satisfying him mattered more than mere survival, for it had formed the cornerstone of the only life she had ever wanted to lead.

The Doctor returned when she was napping on the sofa one day, a break from the lumpy mattress.

Milking herself with the powerful machine wasn't always as sensual as it was with him. Rather, it felt as if a crucial part of their ritual were missing.

Earlier that day, she had just gone through the motions, tired and mechanical. Her nipples buzzed with satisfaction, but her mind did nothing, as thick jets of cream disappeared into the glass containers. She had filled ten more in the refrigerator over the past few days, waiting for his return.

When he came through the door, she toppled to her feet, smothering him with wet kisses on his face.

Hughes laughed and returned her affection, dragging her over to the sofa. She was resting her head on his lap when he delivered the good news.

“Everything is going to be different now. The company has accepted everything, and I'm due to receive a handsome cut for all of my work,” he said. A distant gleam in his eye told her that even he was

struggling to integrate all of the changes into his own life, a sudden turn of fate that promised much more.

“Do you know what this means, Mallory?” He waited for her to look up with wide, eager eyes.

“Everything is different now. I'm going to have enough to move you somewhere more permanent, with

all of the milking machines we could ever desire. I'll always do my work...but I may never have to teach again. How does a little cabin several hours north sound? The winters are cold, but not too

troublesome when you don't have to tread out into the snow.”

She craned her arms upward, nuzzling her face into his chest. His masculine spice wafted through her like a mountain wind, protective and all consuming.

He's done so much already...and now he's doing more? He should be the one with the reward, not
showering it on me, serving the only life I can live so effortlessly...

Mallory couldn't believe that she had actually helped him. She, who had greedily sequestered herself in the room for months, listening to his orders, but always taking pleasure from them. It didn't seem fair.

Hughes laughed as tears came to her eyes. He fondled the heavy leather collar around her neck,

imagining what it would look like with a gold studded chain attached. With the seven figure win he had scored from the Pi Lactate deal, it might not take long to find out.

He wanted to haul her away to the bedroom then, overwhelmed by her delicate affection, but he

stopped himself. There would be plenty of time for that, now and for the rest of his days. He had many other ideas to work with, always bringing Mallory along for the ride, since all of them involved


For now, there wasn't any gesture more appropriate than bending his head down to her again. Mallory gasped with happiness as he drew his broad lips over her nipple and started to suck. She hoped his mouth would never leave her full breasts, until they had sucked away everything she could give him, even if it meant years of being attached to his warm, guiding lips.

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Jennings tried not to smile, but he broke, and there was no mask over his face to hide it this time. The second suction cup went over her opposite breast, and Alice's shrill cries increased two fold. The doctor raised a stiff finger and pressed it to her lips, causing her eyes to flutter open.

“How does it feel?” He asked.

“Better...better than anything I've ever had. Oh my!” The inner turbines of the machine spun harder as they struggled to take her flood of milk, already on their second canister.

“It has higher settings you know. Let me know when you're ready for me to turn it up,” he told her. The doctor was very conscious about saying
, not
. He had seen her reaction mirrored a few times in other lactating miracles, but none as beautiful as her.

Alice was twitching with her legs apart, once again concealed from the doctor only by a thin skirt. It took every bit of her mettle to hold back from shoving her hand underneath the hem. She longed to feel her burning thighs, her wetness, her aching folds...

Doctor Jennings looks better than ever. I wonder what his reaction would be if I did this...

The last remnant of her reason protested loudly, but she did it anyway. Jennings fixed his eyes on her sopping wet panties as her skirt flipped up, and Alice started tugging violently at her underwear.

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