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She shuddered with unease, but dared not oppose him. Just the thought of upsetting him, her only man, terrified her.

Mallory hung along the wall, her body gently tipped forward at an angle. He pulled the broad metal trough closer, a container that had gone up several sizes since the experiment began. Hughes struggled to wrap his strong hands around her bloated cushions, which had gotten so big that they resembled

small pumpkins.

Lately, her milk never stopped between doses. Dragging it from her warm flesh took hours. Even when they managed to force her down several sizes, the flow continued, streaming in steady trickles. She didn't bother wearing a top anymore because of the changes.

“'s getting very difficult to extract it all. My hands are getting sore, girl.” He chuckled and smacked her right breast, watching it dribble more milk as he backed away.

Mallory moaned.
Jesus, he's right. If I don't stop taking this drug, there's going to come a time when
my breasts are too full to get it all out,
she thought.
Surely, it isn't going to make me explode?

“Are you sure this isn't hazardous?” She asked, wincing at the darkness in Hughes' eyes.

“Of course not,” he snapped. “Do you really think I would place you in any grave danger? The only

thing you have to worry about is a little extra discomfort. I was going to wait until later in the week to do this, but you've tipped my hand.”

He stepped away from the room and disappeared out the door. Mallory groaned, fearing she had

offended him. She shook her arms, letting her great mammaries swing and drip, her heart racing as she noticed just how tightly the straps clung to the hooks.

What if he leaves me like this? He could disappear for days and leave me stuck, hanging with tits the
size of airbags...

She shook her head, trying to mine back the trust. It bothered her that she didn't trust him fully. Hadn't he done enough for her, showing more interest in her miserable existence than any man before?

She wanted to kick herself, but felt relief warm her when the door opened again. A clatter of wheels rolled across the floor as he moved back into the bedroom, pushing a large black box on a cart.

“This is going to make the process a lot more efficient...and more fun, too.” He started to uncoil what looked like two thick gray tentacles.

The machine's arms ended in massive glassy suction cups that curved over her breasts. Goosebumps

dotted her flesh as he attached them to each udder. Just imagining the suction power in the device caused her to shudder with anticipation. She expected it to be the greatest joy – or the greatest torture since the experiment started.

“I'm forgetting one last addition,” he muttered, stepping from the room again. Hughes returned with several of the empty glass containers in the refrigerator.

He handily screwed them into the back of the machine. She was beginning to understand just how

orchestrated the entire course had been. On one level, Mallory expected it to bother her, but the burning ache in her overripe breasts could only make her think of relief.

“Expect to feel very strong sensations once I flick the switch. We'll start out slow, and then go faster.

Are you ready, Mallory?” He raised his hand to the small control panel on top of the device.

Shaking, she nodded her head. Her eyes were closed as his fingers pushed the buttons. It started with a low hum, sending bass tremors into her chest through the suction cups. The whirr quickly became a

subdued roar.

Her breasts lurched further, shoving her nipples deep into the sockets. She moaned with delight and opened her eyes. The milk was coming in one long, unbroken rivulet from each breast.

The machine sucked steadily, with no need to rest, unlike their human hands. Its steady hum overtook the room's quiet with its soft greed, slowly draining her. It would have awhile to go.

Hughes looked on, his bright pupils flickering beneath his glasses. To his eyes, she rolled her head like a modern day Aphrodite, chained to his specially designed pleasure. Her lips drew apart wider as the device sucked, building its potent wind as he tapped the control panel again.

The pressure built, so sharp and unrelenting that her breasts shook, all the way to their base. The rest of her body began to tremble as the milk spurted faster, streaming from her nipples like delicate ivory ribbons. She sucked in her breaths sharply, drunk on pleasure.

This milking wasn't like a manual one. The sheer steadiness caused the pleasurable burn of his hands or her own fingers to multiply by several orders of magnitude. Where human heat could only tease, the machine's consumed, sending it shooting through her breasts, deep into her body, down to her

smoldering sex which pulsed with hunger.

“Ohhh! It burns! Please don't turn it up again,” Mallory whispered, her voice cracking in the vortex of pleasure whipping through her. The burn was steaming onward, lighting up her nerves.

Hughes just smiled, his eyes sparking. He flicked it up again, just one notch below its highest setting, one that even he didn't dare use.

Mallory's mouth became an oval that poured thick screams. At last, her breasts were running dry, but the suction was powerful enough to draw out everything from her deepest pockets.

Her tissue quaked around her nipples. She fought to move away from it, but the harness held her locked in place, a prisoner to her keeper's invention. The flames pouring into her through its suction only grew more intense, until she snapped her head back, sweating and warbling.

Hughes watched her come, his erection pressing hard against his pants. Milk sprayed erratically into the glass containers. They were nearly filled. Each held roughly two pints, and it looked like they would finish off near full as her spasms forced out the last of her milk.

The Doctor had to restrain himself from taking her then. His throbbing stiffness called to him, but he was a master of discipline. He had waited his entire professional life for moments like these, and stretching them out over months – or years – was well worth it.

He thrived on moderation when it came to his own pleasures. For Mallory, however...

Reluctantly, he switched the machine off as her pleasure died. Her breasts hung low as the suckers were detached, leaving red breasts and leaking nipples.

“There. Doesn't that feel much better, my beautiful cow?” Hughes leaned down and kissed the top of her head, running his fingers through her soft, flowery hair.

Cow? Did he really just say that?

Her face bristled as the insult sunk in, but then she looked down at her helpless body. Her breasts were drained, but remained twice their original size. They hung low, stretching down toward her stomach, transformed into
in every sense of the word.

Suddenly, her pet title wasn't so insulting. Mallory decided that being a cow might not be so bad, as long as she was his, the one and only human cow in his life.

“One of these days we're going to grab dinner together,” he said, lightly stroking her arm. Hughes unlatched her from the wall and helped support her weight. Her knees were still weak from the intense milking, and it took real effort to drag her back to the living room, where the soft sofa waited for her.

She kissed him goodbye, praying that their relationship had turned a corner.
Is it truly possible that I
could get more out of this than the money I need?

That night, she took her pill, gratefully receiving the miracle drug that had brought so much change to her life. She never expected it to bring more transformations than she could imagine.

A violent irritation in her stomach woke her the next morning. Nauseous and exhausted, Mallory spat out the contents of her dinner, so sick she couldn't take the morning dose. A quick phone call to Hughes brought him to her in short order.

Concern crossed his face, and not just because she had missed her morning pill. “We need to run some tests. If I could get a blood and urine sample...”

He collected what he needed and sent them off to the university's lab. His mouth dropped when the

results came back. It took several hours just to calibrate his psyche with the fortitude needed to rely the message to Mallory.

“Well? What's happening?” She asked, staring pitifully up at the ceiling. Her nerves were shot, and the slow self-milking she did earlier was more of a nuisance than a delight. All she wanted to do was sleep.

“Believe me, the results are as much a surprise to me as they will be to you. There must have been an unforeseen reaction between your birth control and the Pi Lactate. Mallory, you're about a month

pregnant.” The words passed through his tightened lips. He felt as if he had opened a door between worlds.

In essence, he had. Mallory's expression mirrored the shock and curiosity molding his face. But there was something else in her eyes – warmth? Need?

Without speaking, he embraced her, pushing her into his chest as her thick breasts oozed their contents.

The hot liquid soaked through his thin dress shirt and reminded him of his power. Hughes had created this – all of it – and now there was nothing left to do but face the consequences.

Beneath his strong torso, Mallory smiled, a broad curl that painted her face with happy wonderment.

Just like that, the experiment had yielded its fruits. The results promised to change her forever. Into what, she didn't understand.

His to Claim

When the lump in her belly began to show, Hughes took greater delight in her body. His hands

frequently shot down to it, caressing the soft hill, obsessed with what he had done to her – especially while they were in the heat of coupling.

Mallory had agreed to let him attach a chain to her collar just a few weeks after her announcement. It was his latest control kick, signifying the way he had come to dominate her. She allowed him to lead her through the apartment, naked on all fours.

Sometimes, Hughes delighted in crushing up her Pi Lactate pills and putting them in her food dish. She lapped it up from her bowl on the floor. The drug was mushed into peach ice cream – a favorite that Hughes kept her well supplied with – and it made what should have been a humiliating task very easy.

“You're so good, Mallory,” he told her, stroking the top of her head as she lapped up her dosage from the floor. Her breasts were changing even more with pregnancy, their nipples darkening and expanding outward.

They called to him, fleshy beacons swaying beneath her. Each dripped its irresistible nectar when she wasn't attached to the milking machine.

He had determined that the Pi Lactate was suitable for consumption during pregnancy. Although it had nullified her birth control by changing her hormones, he didn't expect it to have any further ill effects.

Mercifully, her breasts reached their upper limit and wouldn't swell beyond the size of small pumpkins, no matter how much her pregnant body encouraged lactation. The drug still produced immense

quantities of milk. It took an hour or more to drain her breasts back to a comfortable level, an hour of bliss in the suction cups, where she let the pleasure seize her flesh.

“Wow. Six pints today,” he told her, not long after her feeding. Her milk flowed in such massive

volumes that he had to change the glass cylinders halfway through her milking, after the first two had filled.

Hughes detached the suction cups and guided her down from the hooks, allowing her to collapse on the mattress. She was exhausted, but happy.

“Doctor? The machine feels wonderful, but isn't there some other part of this process to tend to?” With a mischievous smile, she spread her legs, praying he would take the cue.

He stared down at her wet slit, a cleft so heavenly that it shattered all resistance. He had accidentally bred her thanks to his love of curves over cold science. The Doctor smiled back and started to undress.

He didn't see the point of denying himself, or her. A minute later, his hardness slid into her from behind as he often did, gripping her leaking breasts as he positioned himself. He cupped her carefully and squeezed, extracting a few last hot droplets that the milking machine had missed.

Just as he started thrusting, he drew one hand away, and licked his palm. Her milk tasted warm, creamy, and slightly salty. Hughes smiled, knowing that there was so much more to his love of mother's milk than mere perversion. Each time he sipped her offering, he shuddered, knowing that he was consuming her essence.

He had dedicated his life to it, after all, and soon he would produce a ream of evidence showing that adults could reap benefits from regular servings. This formed the angle of the arguments he intended to present to the pharmaceutical company, complete with exhaustive testing that showed Pi Lactate was safe and effective.

Mallory groaned beneath his heavy weight, burrowing her head into the edge of the mattress. She was lost in his wide, giddy strokes, powerful lunges that shook through her sex, her pregnant abdomen, all the way up to her brain.

Each thrust slammed into her like the heavy leather of a whip. Moment by moment, Hughes

surrendered, letting his instincts rise to the surface, foaming with urgency. His knees dug into the soft mattress as he forced himself on, driving harder and deeper, all the way to the womb he had


“Brace for you want to be filled again?” He asked through clenched teeth.

“Yes! Please, Doctor, give me your seed. I'm your cow for breeding, your one and only.” Mallory

shoved her hips back, swallowing his spasming erection.

The massive influx of his hot, sticky semen a second later set her off again. She twisted her spine and screamed. Her muscles reacted like polar opposites to his spurting shaft, seizing and releasing. Both of them were caught in a rhythmic dance neither could escape, their bodies shaking with the energy they felt as their exploding brains drew them into orgasm's abyss.

Hughes spent himself, draining his hardened balls. When it was over, he pulled out, and forcefully rolled Mallory over after she had fallen flat on the mattress again.

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