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nipples again, letting the milk flow freely, grinding her teeth in rapture.

Mallory looked down between her thighs, right to the steaming core of her sex. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying it so much, but she didn't care.

She embraced the bizarre pleasure for several long minutes, draining herself as much as she could. The humid itch roaring below her belly called on her to do something about it, but she managed to ignore it.

Hughes had ordered her to tell him if anything out of the ordinary happened, and she obliged.

He arrived at her makeshift apartment just a few minutes later. Mallory managed to throw the tank top back on, but two wet circles were forming fast above her nipples. Hughes started in amazement.

“This is incredible...I didn't expect any subject's body to adapt to the substance this fast. It took the monkeys and cattle days to see results. Your breasts have gone into full production already! you realize what this means?”

She shook her head, oddly excited by how close his face was as he leaned down, studying her naked

breasts. Under any other circumstances, it would have been awkward, but she trusted him as a Doctor.

“You've just proven that our research is better than we expected. Pi Lactate is naturally calibrated to interact with the human body, almost seamlessly.” He rose above her face again, staring down with

satisfaction. Hughes' eyes crept lower, back to her curvaceous flesh, piercing her wobbling mammaries with his eyes.

“Doctor...did you say there's some way to remove this?” She asked, feeling her resistance jabbing in from her head.

What am I saying? He's going to milk me like an animal.

Somehow, the idea didn't turn her stomach. She licked her lips, her face slightly reddened and

seductive, calling to Hughes with unnatural charm.

“That's right. Eventually, there may be so much that it will have to be pumped out mechanically. For now, I prefer more natural methods,” he said, his hands cupping her breasts. He pressed them at the same time, hard enough to draw tiny droplets away from her nipples. “Is this okay?”

Mallory could only groan. Her head was tipped back, staring straight up at the overhead light.

Taking that as a sign, Hughes started to milk her, hard and fast. His fingers had the perfect pressure, tightening around each breast at the base and pumping the milk up and out, until it flooded his palms.

She was too distracted by her own pleasure to see the intense need building in his eyes.

The Doctor shot toward her, his eyes burning behind his glasses. He lowered his mouth to her right breast and dug his teeth into the softness surrounding her nipple.

“Ohhh! Please, more! I'll do anything,” she whispered, sinking back against the counter for support.

Hughes grunted and picked up his eager pace, working her with teeth and tongue. He gulped down

everything that shot from her breast. To him, the milk rolled across his taste buds like the world's finest wine, rare and flavorful.

When he started to suck at her opposite breast, she moaned sharply. Her sex was steaming and it had been so long since any man had taken an interest in her.

Without herself noticing, she started to grind her wet, warm crotch along his knee. Hughes' leg was stretched out, forming a knob at the knee that shot delicious satisfaction into her.

Eventually, his furious suckling slowed the flow. He knew that there wasn't enough in her system yet to keep it going relentlessly. Hughes pulled away with thunderheads in his eyes.

“You said you would do anything, right?” He waited for her to nod. She looked at him nervously,

fearful that she had opened him to instincts she didn't dare acknowledge.

What are you talking about? This has already gone beyond any reasonable standard of patient-

professional relationship,
her mind shot back, angry and embarrassed.

Hughes embraced her warmly. “That's very good. I want to let you in on a little secret: I'm running my own experiments in the background of this study. I could use your help, if you're ready to surrender a little control.” His breath flowed sharply against her ear and he reached down to squeeze her buttocks.

Mallory's slit sizzled, bubbling with need. She felt his wet fingertips sliding between her thighs, pressing up into the softness and exploring her. She rocked against the invitation, panting as if she had just finished a marathon.

Give him what he wants. You're already in this knee deep, and there's no going back. What could he ask
for that would be more outrageous than what his pills have done?

She ignored her doubts, overwhelmed by the heat radiating up her belly and curling into her milk filled breasts. “Anything. I'll do it...anything to feel your hands give me relief – and not just in my chest.”

Hughes smiled, the same kind of thin lipped curl that rose when his experiments were going smoothly.

“I want to milk you properly, but we can only do that with the right equipment. Will you wait for me on your mattress?”

She nodded and padded into the bedroom. “Wonderful,” he called after her. “And Mallory, don't forget

– it's morning and time for your next dose.”

Hughes disappeared from the room a second later, running down the hall to retrieve his gear. Sighing, she took two more pills. Her vivid imagination made it feel as though her breasts were swelling once again, relentlessly filling with more of the milk stirred by the magic tablets.

She was toying with her nipples when he returned. Hughes came into the bedroom, a large leather

harness swinging from his hands.

“What's this?” She asked, her eyes sparkling with alarm.

“Spread yourself out on all fours. This is the most efficient way to deal with you.” The light streaming from the room's lamp coated his glasses, making it impossible to see his eyes. He waited as she thought it over. “You want that aching sensation to go away, don't you?”

“Yesss,” she hissed a second later. No, it wasn't just her imagination – her breasts were growing again.

Just minutes after taking the pills, her breasts were swollen and swaying with new heaviness, spurting into her hands. The fullness was intolerable. She needed the relief only he could bring, not to mention the masculine energy that a life in shadow had robbed her of for so long.

Her breasts bobbed uncomfortably, driving slight pain through her as she spread herself out. Hughes nodded, satisfied, and started to sling the cool leather around her. The straps wound around both

shoulders. A matching collar clamped around her neck, loose enough to be comfortable, but tight

enough to make its presence known.

“There. Don't you feel at home? I hope I've brought a large enough container to collect everything.” He slid what looked like a wide metal bucket underneath her torso.

A sound like “uhhhf!” curdled the air, popping from her mouth as he went to work, this time without restrictions. Hughes pinched her full breasts in his hands and started to milk her in long, firm, even strokes.

Each time she moaned, he took it as a signal to tighten his grip, pushing the milk jets out with energetic jerks. The Doctor intended to bring her to the edge of pleasure and discomfort, where she might

discover the energy he had studied for so long.

Hughes had dedicated his life to extremes. The human body amazed him, and not just because of its

otherworldly chemistry. He had pushed himself to the limits of physical endurance, sculpting his hard muscles and fasting, until he felt sparks of enlightenment streaming through his mind.

Nothing was more satisfying than his erotic experiments, though. He had frightened away more than a few girlfriends, insisting that they bend to his will, a mad desire to find pleasure in forbidden zones.

Once, he dated a woman who was still lactating after the birth of her child the previous year. The way she orgasmed as he forced milk from her breasts left him with his own personal Madonna. Not to

mention a lingering addiction that could only be satisfied by uniting his personal and professional lusts.

Now, he had finally brought all of the pieces together. He looked down at the tender, willing woman beneath him, helpless to do anything but listen to his words.

His smile just wouldn't stop shining as he rolled her nipples in his hands, listening to the little sighs falling from her lowered head. The panties would have to come off soon. He noticed the darkening wet spot formed by over an hour of agonizing pleasure, a rising symphony of euphoria he would soon

conduct to its glorious climax.

Finally, the milk had slowed enough for him to draw his hands away, but he knew it would return in just an hour. “Are you ready to meet pleasure in its purest form?”

She moaned in answer, closing her eyes and devouring his hot whisper. He planted a light kiss on her bare shoulder and moved behind her, pressing his sturdy hands to her ivory thighs. They instinctively moved away for him.

His face tightened with concentration as he toyed with the hem of her dark purple panties. It only amused him for a moment before raw need took over. In one swift jerk, his powerful arm tore them

down her legs.

Not bothering to pull them all the way off her body, he yanked down his trousers and pushed forward, grabbing her swollen breasts for leverage as he mounted her. Mallory shuddered and sighed as he

entered her from behind.

“Shhhh. Moments like this call for quiet, Mallory. Try to enjoy the natural rhythm building inside of us, and keep it from spilling away,” he said softly, remembering a meditation trick he had learned from years of studying Tantric sex.

She was only held aloft by her burning knees, elbows, and his merciless hands. The rest of her melted as he began to thrust, pushing waves of heat into her body from head to toe. Hughes took his hands off her breasts only long enough to reach down to her throbbing clitoris.

Mallory did what she could to repress her rising screams, but not very successfully. Her noises only seemed to drive the Doctor on harder. His thrusts quickened with the urgency in her voice, leaving him to stab her with furious jerks, strokes that matched her pulse.

“God, I can't take this!” She said, unable to repress her lightning strewn voice anymore. “I'm going to...”

Just as her orgasm began, Hughes reached for the leather straps around her shoulders. He yanked her upward, until she fell straight down on his erection, engulfing him. The blinding movement was filled with so much heat that her eyes rolled.

Something had changed inside her body, though she couldn't say what. More than just her breasts.

Mallory's inner muscles spasmed, harder than ever before. She was growling and gnashing her teeth as she came, feeling her quivering flesh wrapping around his hardness. The pressure seemed to surprise Hughes – so much hotter, harder, and wetter than anything he had taken.

A side effect of the drug?

His mind barely had time to consider it. Her movements scalded him until he lost control, smacking up and down into her, his hardening balls shaking with desperation.

Hughes' fingernails dug into the cushions surrounding her squirting nipples as he came. The seed

pumped through him in scorching jets, blasting into her depths, a void he wanted to seal forever with his molten semen.

They were no longer man and woman as they rocked and sweated on the little mattress. Rather, they

coupled as wild beasts, surrendering civility to the irresistible prison bars of pleasure. Orgasm

manipulated their rustling muscles like puppet parts, demanding rough jerks and grimaces for its own amusement.

When it was over, Hughes collapsed along her back, enough to send her spiraling toward the bucket.

He barely reached out in time to pull it out from under her. Milk sloshed in the large container.

Mallory knew her nipples were still leaking, soaking into her bed. She didn't care. With her heartbeat slowly winding down, back to reasonable levels, she turned her head and kissed the Doctor's waiting lips.

He devoured her lips for a moment, then placed his outstretched hand on her forehead. He patted her with his wide palm, as if she had performed some great service.

“I have to go,” he said, beginning to dress. “Make sure you get plenty of rest and I'll check on you tomorrow. Above all else, take your pills at the scheduled times.”

She crouched in a Lotus position, her engorged breasts folded and leaking. “Uhh, Doctor? What about this?”

“I'm sure you can take care of that on your own. Not enough to remove all of it, of course, but enough to give you a pleasant distraction from the boredom around here. I hope I've given you a small

diversion too.” He smiled and disappeared from the bedroom.

Mallory heard the door slam shut a second later. The metal container he had left waited at her side. She clenched her jaw and brought her fingers to her nipples, watching as two new jets sprayed from her hard pink tips.

“This is disgusting...or that's the way it should be,” she whispered, uncertain of everything. Her words were lies, and she knew it. Far from being disgusted, Mallory was fascinated. For the first time in her life, it felt as though she had found her calling.

I never imagined it would be something like this. I want him to milk me and hold me, and never, ever let
up. Is that really so sickeningly wrong?

His to Shape

Hughes kept his word, faithfully returning every day to check on her. Naturally, half the time his hands landed on her breasts and helped her pump the whitish cream out, it led to ventures that went far

beyond the study's original intention.

Mallory had gotten more sex in just three weeks than she had in six years. The Doctor's motions grew more jagged, rougher and harder each time he took her. Most days, it was hard to tell where his dictates for the experiment stopped and where his orders in the bedroom began.

“Just trust me on this. You'll adjust to the gravity fast. If you lean forward, it'll take the pressure off your back, and give you a more natural angle to handle the milk,” he said, hooking her shoulder straps into the network of hooks he had installed on the wall.

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