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His Need





His Need



Ana Fawkes



Isabelle Grace awakes on board billionaire Jonathan Black's private jet, destined for the west coast.  When she can't separate her hands, she realizes that he has handcuffed her and she has to 'earn' her way out of them.


Once they land, Isabella learns that Jonathan has arranged for separate transportation while he tends to business matters.  However, after an almost deadly encounter with one of Mr. Black's enemies, Isabella questions her trust for the dominant CEO.  Because of her doubts, she is blindfolded and then handcuffed to a chair.


She must now prove her trust to Jonathan Black in order to earn his... but even under his control and command, there is no guarantee that she is protected from his dangerous past...




When I had boarded the large private jet
, I didn’t have time to appreciate exactly what was happening to me because in my hand I carried a bag that contained a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold.  The CEO of the company I worked for, the powerful billionaire, Jonathan Black, had given me the bag and whisked me away for a flight to Los Angeles to tend to some business.

I didn’t care to ask about this business, because I could only focus on the two erotic items in the bag in my hands. 

The biggest thought I had was when Jonathan was going to use the items… and how… and how my body would react.

To say my sex life was vanilla would be like eating vanilla ice cream and questioning its taste.  I couldn’t tell you the last time something different or fun happened, other than the casual boyfriend who would take me out for a couple months and then we would sleep together just to solidify the so-called relationship. 

But that’s neither here nor there.

What’s important was that after boarding the plane, my boss quickly told me he had to review some contracts and wanted to triple check financials.  He led me to a bed with its own private quarters on the aircraft and told me to rest.  We would fly into a different time zone – three hours behind – and the last thing he wanted was for me to get jet lagged at all.  He said he needed me in my beautiful, perfectly innocent state.

I thought about the things we had done in his office earlier that day and there was nothing innocent about it.

I didn’t think I was tired but my eyes shut when I hit the soft pillows.  Once the covers were placed on me, I was gone. 

I’m not sure if I dreamt, but it was a small itch on the tip of my nose that woke me.  It was an annoying itch, the kind that no matter how much I tried to wiggle or scrunch my nose, it was there.  I tried to move my hands and found them free, as expected, but I couldn’t reach my nose.  When I pulled my hands apart, they wouldn’t come apart.  Something kept them close… something… hard. 

I rolled to my back and blinked, remembering where I was.  I looked down and saw covers.  Again, I tried to move my hands and found that I was now on top of my hands.  My legs kicked with speed, sending the covers off the bed.  I still wore the same business attire from that morning, my skirt looking disheveled from my nap. 

I couldn’t find my hands.  I couldn’t see my hands.  But I could use them. 

I moved to my side and wiggled my fingers, reaching with all that I could manage.  I then looked over my shoulder just as my one finger was able to grip something.  It felt like a small chain. 

It was a small chain.

While I was sleeping, Jonathan Black had handcuffed me.



I worked my way to the edge of the bed and sat there
, my feet on the floor.  I threw my head side to side, trying to fix my hair, resorting to blowing pieces of hair from my face.  I knew I had to leave the small area of the plane to see Jonathan, but I didn’t want to look like a complete mess.

Unless that’s what he intended me to look like.

The shock of being handcuffed was matched by the shock of actually being in a situation to be handcuffed.  Up until that point, I only thought of the bag, and the two sexy items it contained, as a fantasy.  I had thought about Jonathan Black tying me up and ravaging me, but to have this happening in reality, it was almost too much to bear.

I stood up from the bed and instantly fell back down to it.

There was no feeling or control in my legs.  I was shaking again and this time I didn’t have the comfort of my hands.  You don’t realize how much you appreciate your hands until you can’t use them.  I wanted to touch my face, touch my breasts.  I wanted to hold myself, rub my arms. 

I couldn’t do any of that.

I suddenly felt exposed, even though I was fully clothed.  I felt more exposed now then back in Jonathan’s office when I was fully naked, licking my own nipples. 

“Come on,” I whispered.  “Stand, Isabella, stand…”

I pushed off the bed again and caught myself.  I realized then I had fallen asleep with heels on.  My first urge was to take the damn heels off, but I was under the command of Jonathan Black.  What he said, I did.  There was no talk of removing my heels, clothing, nothing.  Plus, I had to think of how I appeared to Jonathan.  A young woman like myself, handcuffed, wearing heels, in his private airplane.

I smiled thinking about how sexy I must have looked.  To my right was a full length mirror, probably what Jonathan used to check himself before exiting the aircraft.  I walked to it and first faced forward.  There wasn’t much to really see at this angle, other than my hair looking messy but in a sexy way.  I looked like I had either just woken up from a nap or had some wild office sex. 

How about both?
I thought and smiled again.

I turned sideways and saw the handcuffs again.  My body then flooded with a heat I’d never felt before.  My knees bent but I didn’t fall.  I found myself spreading my legs, enough to appreciate what was happening between them.  I let out a gentle moan as a rush of pleasure attacked me, starting at my tender sex and creeping its way up my body.  My breasts were so sensitive still, but my nipples managed to become erect.  The swell inside kept going and when I closed my eyes it almost felt like a hand moving up my body.  From my chest to face and then beyond.  When I opened my eyes, I glanced again in the mirror.  I stretched my arms out as far as I could and then pulled at the cuffs.  The hard metal dug into the bones of my wrists.  It was a throbbing kind of pain that followed but one I could handle, and manage.

With all of this out the way, I only had one option.

I had to get out of the handcuffs.

And there was only one way to do that.

I had to see him, I had to see Jonathan Black.



He sat in a large black chair
next to a desk.  There were folders and papers scattered on the desk and he sat holding a document up, covering his face.  One leg rested on the other and the entire aura of the airplane was calm and confident.  Here I was, however, almost stumbling to see him, my heart pounding in my chest, places inside of me burning that I didn’t know could burn.  And let’s not forget… the handcuffs holding my hands securely behind my back.

I walked to him, standing just a few feet away when he finally acknowledged me. 

“How was your sleep?” he asked, lowering the papers.  He placed them in his lap and put his pen to the desk next to him. 

He spoke in a way that didn’t seem possible for a man who handcuffed a woman in her sleep.  But that was Jonathan, that’s how he acted and it was how he became one of the wealthiest men in the world, all before the age of thirty.

He looked at me with his dark, sexy eyes.  His face was brooding, I could tell his mind thought of ten things at once.  I just hoped there was room in his busy life for me. 

“I slept fine,” I said.

“Good.  Sometimes rest is important.  Helps to free the mind up a little.  Plus, you wake up and never know how you’re going to feel.”

Jonathan didn’t make a single facial expression so I couldn’t tell if that was his attempt at humor.  I just stood in front of him, I had no other choice.  I was certain he had the key somewhere on him, in one of his pockets.

He extended his hand to me and held it out while I looked at it.  There was a moment where I wondered if I hadn’t been handcuffed by Jonathan Black.  I turned a little and pulled at the handcuffs, making the small chain sing for the sexy CEO. 

“Yes, of course,” he said.

He leaned forward and grabbed my arm, forcing me closer to him. 

I stumbled and almost fell on him.  My instinctive reaction was to put my hands out for balance.  Yeah, I had no hands.  Jonathan put his other hand to my other arm and lowered me to him.  My knees bent and wanted to come forward and be on him.  Instead, my knees touched the edge of the leather chair.  Our lips were just inches apart.

“Did you wake surprised?” he asked.

“Does it matter how I feel?” I replied.

“What a perfect answer.  Normally, I would say no, it doesn’t, but when I look into your sweet eyes, Isabella Grace, I want to know how you feel.  It doesn’t mean I care, it just means I’m curious.”

“Of course I was surprised,” I said.  “I woke up handcuffed.”

“Were you frightened?  Did you fear for your life?  Your safety?”

I shook my head.  Not for a second did my safety come into mind, nor did the idea of my life being in danger.  It was pure erotic emotion that soared though my body.  “Never with you.  I would never fear for my life.  Not with you protecting me.”

Jonathan nodded.  “That’s what I needed to hear.  I’ve made the right choice.” 

He came forward and our lips barely touched.  I took a deep breath with his lips so close to me and I could smell his warm breath.  It rushed through my body like a drug, making me moan again.  He pulled back and then to my shock, he kissed the tip of my nose, right where the itch had been that woke me up.  There was something subtle about it that actually felt romantic. 

But I wasn’t sure Jonathan Black was capable of romance.

His style of emotion and affection was domination, which was why instead of receiving roses in bed, I was handcuffed. 

“How about we get you out of those handcuffs?” he asked.

“You’re in control, not me,” I replied.

“Ah, another beautiful answer from my beautiful Isabella Grace.”

Jonathan pushed me back so I could stand on my own.  I started to turn so he could reach the cuffs when he stopped me with the simple graze of his fingertips to my arm. 

“No,” he said.  “That’s not how it works.”

I paused and looked at him.

“I have the key,” he said.  “But you, lovely Isabella Grace, you have to earn your way out of those handcuffs.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied without hesitation. 

I wanted to play into this, into him.  I wanted to show Jonathan that I could be anything he desired, wanted, and needed.  He didn’t need to handcuff me in my sleep to get me into handcuffs.  With a simple command, I’d turn around for him…

“On your knees,” he said as he uncrossed his legs. 

He gently opened his legs and my eyes were there. 

It was strange getting to my knees without having my hands to help balance, but I managed.  I inched forward towards Jonathan and waited.  He picked up his papers and then reached for his pen. 

“Pleasure me,” he said.  “Show me you can still handle yourself…”

He lifted the papers and of all things, he went back to work.  He was scribbling the pen on the papers and completely ignored me. 

Back between his legs, I needed to find a way to get his pants open and get to
.  I wanted to taste his thickness and if he wanted pleasure, I’d give it to him.

I put my face between his legs first, rubbing my nose and chin off him, feeling him growing hard.  I moaned, adding sound effects, wondering if I could tease him enough so that he would open his pants. 

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