Firesign 1 - Wage Slave Rebellion (52 page)


The Loci were some of the highest ranking members in the Cult of Amougourest, second only to the two Hands of Amougourest and their god itself.


The full spell has to be said, but most gods aren’t picky—all they require is that the caster say all the words and not lose control of the mana needed to power it. Their pronunciation or whether they stop for a break in the middle doesn’t really matter.


Specifically, the removal of his head from the rest of his body. Houkians always had an uneasy relationship with royalty—for a people who thought they were better than everyone else, having a bunch of bluebloods running around claiming they were even better than
had always grated—but after the reign of King Rol’Aandt the Pompous, they collectively decided “to hell with it” and took care of the problem. Since then, the country’s rulers had taken great pains to avoid insinuating that they were better than the common folk. They were richer, more powerful, better fed, better educated, and in charge, but that’s not the same. It’s more useful, for starters.


Because eventually the monarchy got tired of mucking up their other palaces with the messy business of running the country. Consequently, no monarch ever set foot in the Working Palace.


Only certain suitable people actually did the electing—nobles, owners of big businesses, powerful guilds, and the like. The general populace just decided whether their decision warranted a revolt or not


Most of the time, the victorious candidate was a foregone conclusion by the time the council met, on account of all the others being dead. The council existed mostly to ratify the decision that natural selection had already made.

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Adventure One - Working for the Weekend

Adventure Two - The Hard Work of Luck

Adventure Three - Houk Street Havoc

Adventure Four - Salesman of Death



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