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Finding the Way (A sweet romance) (3 page)

The ring was a rather large diamond with a
band of white gold. Two diamond bands surrounded the large diamond.
On the bottom it appeared that two separate rings had been sautered
into one another, making the band easy to wear. The ring was simply
exquisite and took her breath away. "This isn't just an engagement
ring, this is also a wedding band. It's both."

He nodded.

Her brows knitted. "Did you lie to me?"

"Never, Beth. Never."

"Why isn't your wife wearing this?"

One shoulder lifted. "The doctor didn't
think it was wise with her condition."

She peered at him, then the ring. And back

He leaned forward. "Go ahead Lizzie."

Her eyebrows scrunched at the nickname. She
placed the ring on her naked finger. The ring fit perfectly. Seeing
the ring on her hand, a collage of images hammered into her head.
Sound, feeling, air, everything ceased to exist as the memories
came back."Elizabeth. Lizzie. Lizzie, wake up. Lizzie. Come on,
Lizzie. Doctor, I need some help in here."

Beth came to, to find the nurse holding
something salty under her nose. Nausea welled up within her. "I'm
going to-"

"Don't worry Mrs. Randall, I have something
for you right here. Throw up if you need to. Mr. Randall will hold
your hair."

Beth clutched at Cameron's clothes as she
took deep breaths willing the nausea away. She nodded to Joy. "I
think I’m okay now."

Joy smiled at her. "It's nice to have you
back, Elizabeth."

Beth caught a hold of Cameron's clothes and
dragged him to her, clutching at him.

"You came back to me," Cameron held her

"You weren't in the wrong room were you?"
She met his eyes.

"Technically I was supposed to meet up with
the doctor and I was lost to which room. So it was the wrong room,
but I kept passing yours and noticed you were watching me. I
couldn't help but stop in to greet my wife in the morning."

She didn't notice the tears spilling down
her face, and he gently brushed them away with his thumb. His eyes
watered as well. "How?"

"We found out that you remembered your life
before meeting me, but everything else was blank. Especially me.
The first day you woke up, I came in you and you screamed your head
off, but that was because I hadn't changed clothes in three days. I
hadn't showered. I haven't slept a wink. I didn't want to leave
your side for a second. You called me a hot ax murderer. The second
day I made sure I was showered and I even passed out in the waiting
room on the couch. When I came in you flirted outrageously and came
on to me, then you freaked out that I was married. I tried to tell
you, but you freaked out more. The doctors had to come sedate you.
That's when Dr. Liam and I started taking lunch discussing how we
should proceed."
She shook her head in shock, "Why didn’t you just tell me I was
your wife?"

"I did on the first day. You woke up and
didn't remember me. You don't take it very well. Dr. Liam was
afraid for your health. The third day I came to visit you for short
periods. You didn't remember me but enjoyed my company. A week had
passed and one day you did remember me. I was so happy and
exhausted that I fell asleep on the bed, but when you woke up you
had an episode again. You forgot."

"That's why you didn't want me to sleep when
you took your nap."

He nodded. "I'm scared Liz. There are a lot
of things I can control, but I can't control this."

"You said I was in a coma." She stated,
confused, trying to fit all the pieces together.

"Of a sort." He held her tighter. "You came
back to me."

"How long have I been gone?"

He sat on the bed and lifted her onto his
lap. "This happens every day now, but you always find a way back to
me. The doctors tell me you are remembering more every day. The
first day you didn't even remember your name."

"Oh." She didn't know what to say to that.
She didn't think apologizing would cut it.

"But the second day you did remember your
name. The third day you remembered you childhood and various parts
of school. I just had to hope."

Beth tucked her head into his neck and
smoothed a hand down his chest trying to comfort him.

He kissed her head and inhaled her scent.
"One day you'll remember me too, as soon as you wake up. I can deal
with this every day. You're alive and that's all that matters to
me. Seeing the love enter your eyes as soon as you remember makes
me fall in love with you all over again.”

She peered up at him, her voice grave. "What
were you doing after you visited your 'wife'?"

"I actually had lunch with your doctor.
We've become friends. She discusses strategy with me concerning
you. Then I tried to work, but words elude me."

The memory of the day of the accident came
back. "I was on my way from my shop to pick you up from the
dentist. Your car broke down."

Pain filled his eyes. "You'd think I'd
replace the old mustang."

She laughed. "You love that car."

"It's sold now. I can't look at it with what
She rubbed his back. "Please don't blame yourself, Cameron."

He buried his face in her hair, cautious of
her bandage. "You're here now. You're remembering more each day.
Positivity is key." He spied the novel she was reading in her bed
and picked it up.

She smiled as his strong arms surrounded her
as he inspected the book. "Did you work at all?"

He hummed, opening the book to the
dedication page that read.
To my wife.

She smiled at the words. The story was about
a girl opening a flower shop. The hero was a lonely writer who
would come by the shop. He'd stop in and buy her a flower to put in
her hair every day. The rest of the story was fiction, but that
part wasn't. This book put him on the bestseller's list. "I'm happy
you packed one of my favorite books."

"I think when all this is over I'm writing a
book about our whole lives."

"Your next bestseller, I presume."

"No, this one is private. Just for us and
for our future kids."

She placed her head over his heart.
"Cameron, stay with me tonight. Hold me, please."

"Lizzie, I can't-"

"Please. I need to feel you Cameron. I just
need you to hold me."

He sighed into her hair, holding her
tightly. "Anything for you."





Beth pricked her eyes open, squinting at the
sunlight streaming into the room. She tried to move but realized
there was a man holding her close to his chest. Her head rose up
and down as he breathed deeply. She clamped down the panic. Raising
her head, she took in the sleeping man. This man could have been a
model, an Adonis so to speak. She tentatively reached out to move a
tendril of dark hair out of the way so she could see his whole
face. Dark lashes created crescent moons, painting him as a
sleeping angel. He looked so peaceful.

She carefully eased from his grip so she
wouldn't wake him. When she was done using the facilities, he was
sitting up on the bed rubbing the sleep away. His dark eyes met and
searched hers.

"Hi." She gave a little wave, suddenly shy
as he studied her.

Agony spread across his face. His expression
was heartbreaking.

"Cameron, what's the matter? Should I call
the doctor?"

He rushed to her picking her up and swung
her around. "Whoa, head rush there."

Burying his face in her hair he repeated her
name over and over again.

She laughed with him. "Yes, it's me."

"You found your way back to me, my love." He
kissed her over and over.

She whispered on his lips, "I will always
find a way back to you, husband."



The End



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was just playful today or if he was truly angry. She took a moment
to search his eyes—the eyes that matched her scarf perfectly.
That’s the reason she gave in and bought it. His heated eyes bored
into hers; she had to clear her throat before speaking, suddenly
feeling intensely hot.


He released her scarf suddenly and went to the mini
bar, pouring himself a generous portion of scotch. “I don’t think
Esther is doing a good job training you.”


He sighed, casually leaning against the bar. “I
really tried to make this work. I tried to remain as professional
with you as I have with Esther, but you’re too much.”

The long silence grew and she swore she not only
felt but also heard her heart dropping. She held her breath as she
waited to hear what he was going to say next. She gave this company
her blood, sweat and tears and finally ended up in the position she
longed for. She even put her social life on hold to work late and
vigorously through holidays.

He took a sip of his drink; those blues focused
solely on her. Vicki shifted, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. She
gazed on the floor then peeked up at him. “Am I being fired,

“How long have you been working for me, Ms.

Vicki gulped. “In this company? Five years. Directly
under you? A month, sir.”

“You think that’s enough time to train you,
Victoria? A month?”

Vicki closed her eyelids, savoring his smooth deep
drawl and hoping it wasn’t the last time she’d hear it. She opened
her eyes and jumped. She didn’t hear him advance. Dominic Nox’s
chiseled jaw was mere inches from her lips
his brilliant eyes deeply poring into her.


She moistened her lips. Dominic caught the action
with his chilling gaze and stared at her mouth.

“Yes, sir?”

He abruptly turned. “You didn’t answer the question.
I will not repeat it.”

She dropped her gaze, trying to recall his question.
“Oh, uh, yes, sir. I think it’s adequate time to train me.”

He growled. “Then answer your damn phone when I
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off the stranger. He was dressed in a suit that screamed money.
Blond hair fell long, but tidy. His clean-shaven face made his jaw
look hard set. His mouth was currently in a firm line
of...displeasure? Maybe he was uncomfortable. His light green shirt
matched his eyes that were narrowed in on her chin. Maybe the guy
had OCD.

Feeling self-conscious, she wiped her mouth with the
back of her hand, flipped her blue hair back and graced him with a
hard look of her own. Silently challenging him, her eyes said, if
you have a problem with me, I don't care.

He met her eyes, taking a few seconds to assess her
expression. Then his kissable mouth lifted in amusement.

Really, Coleman? Kissable?

She nodded to him. Then left the cafeteria,
discarding her trash on the way out. On her way to her car, she
stopped at a small floral vendor to admire the potted flowers they
were selling. She caressed a begonia, marveling in its natural

“You look lost.”

She closed her eyes, letting the masculine voice
caress her body. Hell, his voice was hot silk. “I'm not.” She
turned to see the stranger from the cafeteria.

“No, in here.” He said pointing to his head. “Deep


His green eyes narrowed. “Liar. I can tell when
someone holds all those emotions in that they don't know what is
right anymore.”

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