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by Tonya Shepard




©Copyright 2013 Tonya Shepard

Smashwords Edition


Chapter 1


“Did you see how short that skirt was? And that top, it’s called a bra,” Leah mumbles to me as we stare out her bedroom window. “What is he thinking going out with a girl that dresses like that?" “You know what he’s thinking,” I say. Leah and I spy on Connor and all his dates. We just think it is entertaining to see how some girls act. And since we don’t go on dates very often, we like watching his.

“What is this week's girl’s name
?" I ask with a roll of my eyes.

. Well, at least her name fits her actions, she is hanging all over him. It is just sickening how some girls crawl all over him. But look at his face, he is loving every minute. She’s a skank if you ask me, which he never does."

Leah cringes as she continues to watch Connor and Ivy sitting on the back patio
. I have to move away from the window, because I just can’t watch anymore. Connor Spark is my fantasy guy come to life. Connor is ruggedly handsome. His face has way too many angles but they all just work together. They work really well together. He has shaggy blond hair that is always in his face. He is forever running his hands through his hair or blowing his bangs out of his eyes. As if that wasn’t enough, his body is awesome. He has the body of a year-round athlete, one that is used to contact sports. He is so hot.

Leah interrupts my thoughts, “Earth to Abby,” she says as she waves her hand in front of my face
. “What were you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” I say, “just staring off to space
." Leah knows about my crush, I can’t really hide it. She encourages me to like other boys because Connor and I don’t really run in the same crowd. He is a good looking, athletic, popular senior. I am smart, studious, and average looking. I am just Abby Lowe, a normal eleventh grade girl. I am not popular or an outcast, I am just there. Sometimes Connor hangs out with us because, well, Leah is his sister, and he can’t really avoid us when we are at his house. But that is at their house, at school he is always surrounded by his friends, the popular crowd. And needless to say, girls are always trying to get his attention. He has the reputation of being a player, a different girl every week. I know I don’t have a chance, and I don’t really like the way he treats girls. All I do know is that the Connor I know at Leah’s house is not the Connor I see at school. I am not even sure I like "school Connor," but I love the one I have known for six years.

It all started on my first day of sixth grade
. My family had just moved to North Carolina and I was so nervous about not only being the new kid but starting middle school. My mom and I went to the office to register me and fill out the needed forms. As soon as I was registered, the secretary introduced me to Leah, another sixth grader, who was given the duty of escorting me around.

“So you just moved here?” she asked as we walked down the hall.

“Yeah, I used to live in Florida. My dad got a new job so we had to move. Thanks again for showing me around. I was really afraid I was going to get lost.“

“No problem
. I have lived here all my life. So what do you like to do for fun?”

“I love to read
, and I guess I study a lot. I actually love math. I guess I am kind of a nerd.” I said with a grimace.

Leah laughed, “Me too
. Math is my favorite subject. We should start a nerd herd.”

chuckled, “Or a brain train." I started laughing so hard I ran into an open locker door. I heard someone laughing and that was when I noticed a boy standing at the locker.

“Hey, you okay?” he asked as he grabbed my arm
. My face turned the color of a tomato.

Before I answer, Leah said, “Abby, this is my brother Connor
. Connor, Abby just moved here from Florida and I am showing her around. We have all the same classes. Connor is in seventh grade.”

I nod at Connor, “Sorry I ran into your locker
. I am clumsy a lot.” I giggle nervously.

e grinned, “No worries. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. “

I felt like my heart was about to explode because he was still holding my arm
. A cute boy was touching my arm. My heart belonged to him from that day on.



“Mom, I’m home!” I call out as I closed the door
. “Hey, anyone home?”

“Abby, we are in the kitchen
. Come in here.”

My mom and younger sister, Allie, are sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch

“So how was Leah’s?”

“Fun as usual. I am suppose to meet her later to go to Charlie’s, if that is okay?" Charlie’s Diner is the local hot spot for teenagers to hang out on Saturday night.

, actually, I need a favor. I have an open house this afternoon and evening, and your father is working. Is there any way you can watch Allie? I will add a little to your allowance this week, since you will have to stay home on Saturday night. Leah can come over and hang out with you, if you want.”

“It’s fine
, Mom. We will rent a movie and pick up a pizza." My mom was a real estate agent, always on the go showing houses. My dad is an emergency room doctor who is constantly on call. I am used to watching my sister and giving up my plans. I know my parents love us, but I wish they would spend more time with us. Most of the time, it is just Allie and me. It irritates me sometimes, but I can’t really do anything about it.

Once in my bedroom, I call Leah to give her the bad news. “So you want to come over and keep me company while I watch the beast
?" That is what I call my little sister sometimes. It is just a joke between Leah and me.

“Of course, like I am going to Charlie’s without you
. So you going to pick me up or do you want Connor to bring me over?" Leah and Connor share a Honda Civic so she ends up in my car a lot.

“Well, my mom isn’t leaving until around six, so I was going to hang out here until then
. Can Connor bring you, and then we will go to the movie store?”

“Sounds like a plan
. I will be there shortly."

I head downstairs to let my mom know our plans, when Allie jumps out at me,

“Can we rent
Never Say Never
? Please Abby?" I nod and laugh because she has seen that Justin Bieber movie like ten times.

“Mom, Leah is coming over and then we are heading to the movie store
. Can you give me some money for movies and a pizza?”

“Yeah, just look in my purse
. I wish I could stay home with you guys tonight. But when the clients call I have to go. You girls be careful when you go out. I should be home around nine.”

My mom makes comments like this all the time, but she never stays home with us
. At least my mom is around some, my dad is always at the hospital. I know he has an important job, but I miss him. I wish we were more like Leah’s family. The Sparks are always going on family trips and eating supper together. They laugh and hug a lot. My family doesn’t. I know my parents love me, I just wish we were more like the Sparks.

“Leah’s here! Leah’s here!” my little sister yells from upstairs
. She must have been watching for her out the window. I open the front door just as she is getting out of the car.

“Hey, I brought my sleeping bag
. Will you carry it? I got my bag and pillow too." I jog out to the car and reach into the back seat to grab the Care Bear sleeping bag that Leah has had since elementary school.

Klutzy,” Connor says to me as he helps me get the sleeping bag out. Klutzy is Connor’s nickname for me. It is just his way of reminding me that I am clumsy and fall down too much. He has witnessed my clumsiness on many occasions, and he never lets me forget it.

, got a hot date tonight, loser?” I ask. I call him whichever insulting name comes to mind.

“Not tonight
. The guys are getting together at Charlie’s, just to hang out. You and Leah could come along, if you want." He always offers to take us along with him. He is actually a really great brother even if he does tease us constantly.

“Babysitting Allie tonight, so we are staying here with a rented movie and pizza
.  You are welcome to hang out with us. I think Allie wants to rent the
Justin Beiber
movie. That sounds right up your alley.” I laugh.

“What are you and Leah renting? Anything good? I usually end up watching movies with you two at our house on Saturday nights after the guys go home. So what movie are you getting?”

“I just finished reading
The Shining
by Stephen King, so that is my vote. I know Leah hates horror, but she picked last time, so it should be my pick.”

The Shining
, are you kidding? Are you sure I picked last time?” Leah whines.

“Yes, Leah you picked
one of the
movies last time remember? You were drooling over Edward Cullen, “I smirk.

The Shining
, really. I didn’t know you liked Stephen King or horror. I love it.” Connor says out the open door. “I haven’t seen that movie since ninth grade. Hey, if the guys’ thing gets done early, can I come hang out and watch the movie with you two?”

“Really? You want to hang out with us on a Saturday night? You must be desperate for entertainment." I laugh.

“Sometimes I just don’t want to be social. Is that okay with you Klutzy?” I nod as Leah grabs my arm and tugs me towards my house.

“See you guys later!” Connor yells as he drives off.

“And you say I drool over Edward Cullen. What was that you were doing just a second ago when my brother was talking to you? Oh, I know, drooling." Leah laughs and rolls her eyes. I blush because I know she is right.



On weekends, Allie
is allowed to stay up until eleven, but she rarely makes it that far. After my mom dragged her to bed, we start our movie. To set the mood, I turned off the lights and made some popcorn.  

“Come on Abby, turn on the lamp. I hate scary movies, you know that.  This music is so creepy I can’t stand it,” Leah says like she is in pain.

“Fine, fraidy cat. Turn on the light." Leah is reaching for the switch when there is a pounding on the door. We both scream, then we hear someone laughing. I peek out the window and see Connor standing at the front door hugging his ribs because he is laughing so hard.

“That was not funny!  You about gave us a heart attack,” I scowl at him. He tries to hold the laughter in but fails and begins again.

“I wish I could have seen your faces. I bet that was hilarious,” he snickers as I smack his arm.

“Connor! Why would you do that?” Leah says as she hits him repeatedly on the shoulder. “I hate you sometimes.”

“Abby, who is at the door honey?” my mom calls out.

“It’s just Connor, Mom.  He’s leaving right now,” I say with a glare in his direction.

“I knew you two were watching that movie. I could see the television through the window. The house was dark so I thought I would liven things up a bit. So, can I come in and watch the rest of the movie, or are you going to punish me by sending me away?” Connor asks with a frown. I open the door wider to allow him in the house. He heads toward the living room with a grin and jumps on the couch. Connor has been to my house several times with Leah, so he knows where everything is and makes himself at home. Leah plops down in the recliner and gets comfortable, which leaves me sharing the couch.

“Move over, couch hog.”I tell Connor as I sit down and start the movie. Connor slides over closer to me. I glance at Leah but she is already closing her eyes so she doesn’t get scared.

“So, you really like scary movies? I never knew that about you.” he whispered.

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