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Exit Strategy


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Published by Jungle Fever Press, Georgia
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This is a work of parody and fiction. Names, characters, places, incidents and events in this book are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used in parody or fictitiously. Any resemblance or similarity to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is coincidental and is not intended by the author.
Exit Stratety - The Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy - Book 2/L. V. Lewis — 1st Ed.

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1. Romance
2. Contemporary



Praise for fifty shades of jungle fever


Tristan introduces Keisha to the world of BDSM where the words “master” and “slave” take on a whole new meaning when a white man is wielding that kind of control over a black woman in America. This changes the whole dynamic of the story it is based on in a very insightful, humorous, and sensitive way. I think you’ll enjoy the story, no matter your race/ethnicity or gender. It’s well-written and the characters are very likable. L.V. Lewis is one to watch.~


“No one is more surprised than I am that I loved this book... .The title is parody wrapped up in irony cloaked in social commentary with a healthy dollop of humor. So that takes care of the title. So don’t be afraid of it because of that.”   ~
Nia Forrester, Author of
 Commitment, Unsuitable Men, The Seduction of Dylan Acosta


“I enjoyed 
Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever
 because it didn’t take itself too seriously. This isn’t a bandwagon book but a true parody, and that’s what makes it outshine the others. . . If I have one recommendation for Ms. Lewis, it’s this: Find a way to give Triple G (Ghetto Good Girl) and Fairy Hoochie Mama their own book! They’re that funny.” ~
The Black, Author of
Passion’s Nectar, The Neighbor, and Elle





To the readers of Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever.

To all of you, who read, liked, reviewed, and gave me the courage to continue with book 2. Thanks so much for waiting for my second offering amid all the trials and tribulations I’ve had in my personal life. Your loyalty to me as a writer is simply mindboggling. I give thanks for you each and every day.



To the readers of my first book, who read, enjoyed and made it possible for me to write the second book. I shall be forever grateful for your support.


To Deloris Harper, Sabrina Scott and Natalie Massenburg, my beautiful administrators who kept “The Block” members engaged while I was finishing up this book. You bore my burdens admirably while I could not, and for this I thank you.


And many thanks to former administrator, Alanda Thomas, for helping me to conceive of “Keisha and Jada From The Block.”


To Caryn who edited book one. Thanks for giving the first book a polish.


To WriteDivas, my new editing team. You are a godsend, and working with you has been a dream.


To all the Book Clubs, Authors and Writer’s groups who have embraced me since the publication of Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever. I won’t list you separately for fear of missing one, but you know who you are.



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Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
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Chapter Seventeen
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Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty One
The Author




“Jungle Fever.”
Two words end it all.
The nine-month, unorthodox arrangement—I couldn’t call it a relationship—with Tristan White, Venture Capitalist, CEO, and purveyor of the best sex in the Western Hemisphere, comes to its surprising conclusion as I utter the granddaddy of all safewords.
Tristan’s eyes widen, followed by a slow shake of his head. His face registers an immediate change from disbelief to anger. Gone is the concerned, caring Dom; he glares down at me, a vein pulsing in his neck.
Tristan has always been adamant he wanted me only for sex as his submissive partner until he had his fill and moved on to the next. I suppose, in some small way, I should be thankful it’s over since there was never any future for us, and the anxiety attacks have rendered me unable to fulfill my part of the bargain anyway.

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