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Everything That You Are

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Everything That You Are

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Nikki McCoy








To my wonderful husband and beautiful mom, who showed me that true love encompasses all that we are… And my kids, who went against their rambunctious nature and were actually quiet for me during the making of this book!




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Michael followed his friend into the nightclub and immediately cringed at the assault on his senses. Loud music blared from speakers placed strategically into the corner panels of each wall. The air was cool but held the scents of alcohol, tobacco, and too many desperate bodies squeezed together, trying to find release, if only for a few hours.

The crowd was full of both young and middle-aged gay and lesbian people, which surprised Michael. He’d expected to find nothing but a bunch of spoilt brats with too much of their parents’ money to know what to do with.

Nick had insisted on celebrating Michael’s ascension within the pack with a little bit of ‘sexual variety’, as he had so delicately put it the week before. Apparently, Michael’s stale sex life of heterosexual one-night stands with no emotional involvement was getting to the man, although why, he had no idea.

Nick was determined to see if the reason for his emotional detachment was because he hadn’t been looking in the right places…or at the right sex. What Nick didn’t understand was that not only did Michael need to find a female to have pups with, but he also wasn’t ready to be tied down in a relationship yet, even if he had just been proclaimed the new Alpha of his pack.

Kids and chains and further obligations could come later. For now, he was going to enjoy his freedom a little longer. Tonight, however, he would go along with his friend’s antics, if for no other reason than to indulge him.

He walked with Nick to the bar, ignoring the lust-filled glances of men as he passed by them. He did, however, notice several attractive women he wouldn’t mind taking home for the night. Unfortunately, they were wrapped around other females he didn’t think would be open to sharing.

Nick yelled over the rumbling blast of music as he flagged down the bartender. With their advanced hearing, it wasn’t necessary for them to compete with the blare of the noise around them to hear one another, but it was a human bar, and such things were the norm in these places.

“Make it a scotch. I have a feeling you’re going to try to get me laid tonight and I’m not sure I want to be completely sober for it.”

Nick shot him a devilish grin and ordered the drinks before saying, “Has a guy caught your eye already?”

Michael snorted. “No, but I’ll bet plenty have caught yours.”

Nick laughed and introduced him to a couple of his friends who were sitting socialising around the bar, then paid for their drinks and led them to one of the open tables lined up against the far wall. Michael finished his drink in one gulp and flagged down a waitress for another before casting his gaze out over the sea of undulating bodies crowding the dance floor.

He tried to keep track of the couples that came over to greet Nick, and politely blew off the few men brave enough to ignore his air of nonchalance and approach him for a dance. After a while, he began to lose interest. He had long ago decided the whole club dating scenario was a bit too tedious for his tastes. He much preferred his partners to come to him.

That’s when he saw them. In two large cages with wide-spaced bars, suspended from either side of the ceiling at the far end of the club, were a man and a woman dancing almost obscenely to the rhythmic beat of the music. Their movements were graceful and hypnotic, but it was the man in the cage to his left that caught his attention. His lithe form moved like liquid and the definition of his toned muscles was clear to see even from this distance.

The transparent mesh shirt that ended at his abs and black, leather shorts were adorned with chains that crisscrossed his chest and thighs and emphasised the wide expanses of pale skin that were showing. Michael realised he was holding his breath, much like he had while watching professional ice-skating or the ballet on the occasions his mom had tried to force culture on him.

He slowly let the air from his lungs and felt the hardening of his cock as he continued to be riveted.

The man was captivating.

And Michael was hardly the only one to notice. There was a small gathering of men surrounding the base of the cage, which hovered about three feet from the ground. The younger ones were trying to emulate his moves while casting furtive glances his way. The older ones were either swaying slightly or not bothering to move at all as they blatantly ogled the young dancer.

Michael hadn’t realised how caught up he’d become in the scene until he started at the feel of a hand on his elbow. He turned to see Nick with a knowing smirk on his face.

“We’re here to take advantage of the available people, not the sexy advertisements on display.”

Michael managed to pull his gaze away from the spectacle long enough to give his friend a confused look and ask, “The advertisements?”

Nick looked back over to the figure in the cage Michael had just been transfixed by and grinned.
Those people up there get paid to dance and attract the crowd that comes in here every night looking for sex on a stick. I
say, though, that guy does his job very well.”

Michael had already focussed his stare back on the man, who was now kneeling down to unhook the bottom latch of the door to the cage. “Yeah, he does. Where is he going?”

Nick pointed to a taller man just as scantily dressed as the first and said, “The dancers take shifts, and I think the one inside is being relieved for the moment.”

They watched as the guy slipped his body to the floor in one fluid movement then held the door open as the next dancer leant down to whisper something in his ear before hoisting himself up and into the cage. The first man nodded his head and closed the door, making sure the latch was in place.

Michael watched as he was groped by several men on his way to an alcove between two pillars behind a grouping of loveseats. The back area was designed to give couples a modicum of privacy while they made out. It became clear that the dancer was trying to find his own solitude when he nimbly dodged the grasping hands of his admirers.

At least three men clustered around the man as he bent down to pick up a bottle of water from the floor. He’d only managed two swallows before one of his more insistent followers tugged at his arm, causing the liquid in his hand to spill down his chest and soak the front of his shorts. The other two men laughed as the dancer bowed his head in embarrassment.

A change of songs brought on a shift in the crowd and Michael’s view of the young man was temporarily obscured. He was tempted to get up and move to a place with a better vantage point, but didn’t want to make his intentions too obvious to Nick. For the few frustrating minutes it took for the cluster of gyrating bodies to dissipate from in front of him, he pondered what it was about this man that caught his attention so.

Nothing about him should have appealed to Michael. He liked his partners to have at least a medium-sized build, be strong-willed…and female! From his willowy stature to his acceptance of being bullied by others larger than him—
which seemed to be just about everyone—he was the exact opposite of what Michael was looking for in a mate.

Let alone a fuck-bunny for the night.

And yet he couldn’t help but zero in on the small man as soon as his view was clear. Though several yards separated them, his keen eyesight allowed him to clearly see a beefy beau wrap his hand around the dancer’s arm so tightly that there was an almost imperceptible blanching of colour from his lips.

The larger man withdrew something from the front pocket of his slacks and pressed it into the dancer’s hand before lowering his head to whisper in his ear. The other guy jerked his head down in acquiescence but wrenched his arm away before heading to a back door with a red exit sign over it.

Michael had a pretty good idea of what was going on and was about to turn away when the dancer suddenly lifted his head to stare straight at him. His equilibrium instantly took a dive as the flashing lights and annoying clamour of all those around him took a back seat to the vision of that face. It was clear and guarded all at once…and then it was gone.

The back door was slammed shut after he was pulled through it and Nick’s insistent voice was barking in Michael’s ear, demanding his attention over something he was too shaken to concentrate on.

Finally, his friend’s voice took on a concerned, low tone that shook him out of his sudden trance and he turned to the other man dazedly.

“Michael, are you okay? Is there a threat here I should know about?”

Michael gave himself a mental shake and forcibly focussed his awareness back on his surroundings. Along with his own promotion within the ranks of their clan, Nick had been appointed as one of his Betas. It wouldn’t do to get him worked up over nothing. At least he thought it was nothing.

One too many shots in an atmosphere practically oozing sex and fornication.
Damn, he needed to get laid.

“Sorry, think I should stick to beers from now on. I’m getting too old for this shit,” he replied. Nick let out a whoop of laughter and slapped him on the back, calling him a lousy liar and accusing him of being amorously taken with one of the pretty boys in the club, in none such elegant words. Michael refused to think of how close to the truth he really was.

The next hour was one of the longest in Michael’s life. As the patrons got drunker, the come-on lines got tackier, until eventually he thought he would kill something if he didn’t get out of there soon. The fact that the dancer he had locked gazes with hadn’t reappeared, or that he couldn’t get the man out of his head, had nothing to do with his increasingly foul mood.

Not a damn thing.

He just needed to get home, get laid, and concentrate on tomorrow and all of the duties that came along with his new position.

Nick must have sensed his building impatience, because he stood up then and bid farewell to the lesbian couple he’d been chatting with. Michael gladly followed his lead and threw a few bills onto the table for the last of their drinks before winding his way towards the front door.

By the way people immediately cleared a path for him instead of flocking to him, he guessed that he wore his aggravation on his face a little too clearly, but that didn’t bother him in the least. An image had been burnt into his mind’s eye and, no matter how hard he
he couldn’t get rid of it.

Once they were outside, he took in a lungful of clean, crisp night air with a little too much relish.

Nick laughed and said, “It can’t have been all that bad. I saw at least ten numbers make their way across the table to you. Plan on putting any of them to use?”

Michael grunted and continued to walk across the street to where his friend’s car was parked. There had been considerably more than ten numbers, and not all from men.

I’ve always wanted to be in a threesome.
How about you?”

Nick just sent him a disgusted glare and mumbled under his breath, “Lucky bastard,” along with a few other choice words. Michael chuckled, feeling his mood lighten already. Any chance he got to best his friend in one of their many private competitions made his day. Nick was his equal in almost every factor, and in the areas where one was lacking, the other excelled. It created a balance that had worked to their advantage since they were kids.

Michael was well aware of the fact that if Nick had opted for the position of Alpha, it would have been a close call between the two of them, but he felt in no way threatened. He would support his friend as much as Nick had always supported him in anything they set their minds to. It was the main reason he had appointed the man his Beta.

He heard the soft click of the locks being released inside Nick’s silver BMW moments before a rustling a little too close to his left had him whirling around, crouching into a loose fighter’s stance. Shock momentarily seized his body as recognition of the man standing a few yards away hit. It took several seconds for him to loosen his muscles enough to straighten his body.

It was the dancer. He was sure of it. But this man didn’t look like a man at all. He couldn’t have been more than seventeen, eighteen years old, if that. In human years, that might amount to adulthood, but it was plain now that this man was a shifter, which made him all of a pup.

There was a faint, strange smell to him, though, that was foreign to Michael. He swiftly closed the distance between them and leant forward until his face hovered above the crease where the man’s neck met his shoulder, not missing the slight flinch, and inhaled. The smell of the ocean, wild flowers and something else hit him hard, causing him to reel back in confusion. Arousal slammed into him with a force that made him gasp. His cock quickly stood to attention and tried to fight its way through the zipper of his pants in an almost painful reaction.

The features of the man suddenly struck him with crystal clarity. His hair was platinum blond and created a shroud about his face that made him look close to angelic. His eyes were such a deep blue that they appeared purple in the dim light surrounding the parking lot. His red, wide lips were parted slightly, giving Michael a glimpse of small, gleaming teeth that had him licking his own for want of a taste of the gorgeous mouth.

His world narrowed to the vision of this smaller being in front of him, until he was all Michael could see and smell.
This is my mate!
The certainty of that thought was as undeniable as the knowledge that the sun would rise in the morning.

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