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to the UCW girls as always, for believing in me and pushing me to
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thanks to Tony, a little bit of you is in all my heroes.





The Giovanni Clan, 1


Doris O'Connor


Copyright © 2012



Chapter One



Get the boxers of the sexiest man
you can find.

Heat rose in Kitty’s cheeks. Oh hell, she
wasn’t drunk enough for this. No way! Last night’s dare had been
bad enough. She had had to flash a policeman. She had never been so
embarrassed in her life, yet flash him she did. The hoots and
laughter of the onlookers still rang in her ears now.

Why ever had she agreed to this hen weekend?
The theme was St Trinians, and Kitty looked down her outfit with a
silent groan. The itty-bitty, chequered skirt left nothing to the
imagination. The white blouse, tails tied under her boobs, couldn’t
hide the lacy, black, push-up bra. Her effort to tame her riotous
mass of red curls into school girl pig-tails had also failed
miserably. She tucked the errant strands back behind her ears with
a sigh. To top it all, her feet hurt in the high heels of her
thigh-high, fake leather boots. This was so not her scene, and she
longed to be back in her sensible clothes.

Maybe she could take another card instead.
There had to be something less mortally embarrassing she could do.
Before she could put the card back, however, Daisy snatched it from
her and read it out loud. The little group of St Trinians hooted
with laughter, as Kitty wished for the ground to swallow her up.
Heaven help me.

Ooohh, let’s see, the sexiest
guy—” Daisy waved the card around, and her blue eyes scanned the
crowded club. Only in Amsterdam would you find so many hen and stag
affairs in one place. Kitty uttered silent thanks for small
mercies. Even in this get up she wasn’t the most outlandishly
dressed woman here, far from it.

Got him!” Daisy said. The sister
of the bride was in her element. She pointed down the bar towards a
tall, dark haired man, propped casually against the counter. His
piercing blue eyes looked toward them. He nudged his friend, next
to him, and they both laughed.

Daisy shoved Kitty in his direction. “Go, get

No, no, not him.
She’d noticed him
earlier on her way to the ladies’ room. He was hard not to. Kitty
wasn’t small at five nine, but when she had walked past him earlier
she had been struck by just how tall the stranger was. He had
winked at her, making her blush furiously, and his low wolf whistle
had done strange things to her equilibrium. She had thrown him one
of her best school teacher looks. His crystal blue eyes had then
raked her body up and down, and he had flashed her a knowing smile
before he had turned his back on her to talk to his

Kitty had had to remind herself to breathe
properly when she stumbled into the ladies’ room, so immediate had
her body’s reaction been to the sexy stranger. Maybe she’d had more
to drink than she’d realized.

And now Daisy gave her another shove toward
all that tall maleness, and those bedroom eyes of his once again
focused slowly on her. Kitty forgot to breathe for a minute when
the full force of his gaze hit her. He was smiling, if the little
crease lines around those eyes were anything to go by, “Is there
something I can do for you, Sexy?” His low seductive timbre settled
low in her belly, and Kitty drew a shuddering breath into her
oxygen-starved lungs.

Daisy gave her another shove, and she would
have fallen over had Mr. Sex-on-Legs not put his hand out to steady
her. Kitty gasped when his large, warm hand, dusted with a
smattering of black hairs, connected with her arm. A jolt of
awareness shot through her at the contact, and she could swear her
knickers were getting damp.
What the hell!
She risked a
quick look upwards and saw his pupils dilate, before his gaze
dropped down to her boobs, which felt much heavier all of a sudden.
She forgot to breathe altogether when he brought those blue eyes
slowly back up to her lips and finally to her eyes.

. It wasn’t just her then.
This only happened in
romance novels for Pete’s sake.
Had they spiked her drink? They
must have done; that was the only explanation, surely.

His friend’s laughter broke Kitty out of her
stupor. “Trust you, Alex.” His friend nudged Alex and he winked at

she doing?

Urm, I have this dare you

Focusing on the floor seemed infinitely safer
than looking up at that chiseled chin, with the five o’ clock
shadow, and at that sensuous, full mouth.

A dare you say? So what do you
need me for?” He was definitely laughing at her now. The small
group of males he was with wolf whistled and leered at

Oh, this is so embarrassing!
glanced behind her, and there were her friends, hooting and
laughing. The bride gave her the thumbs up and made rude

Kitty groaned and straightened her shoulders.
You can do this, girl.
She made herself look up at him,
plastered a smile on her lips and said,” I need your

More hooting and slapping of shoulders behind
Alex who continued to smile down at her.

What makes you think I’m wearing
any, Sexy?” His low voice sent shivers of awareness down her spine,
whilst his eyes held an unmistakable challenge. Sexual tension
shimmered between them, and it was his turn to gasp when Kitty
stepped forward and ran her hand down his taut abs towards the
waist band of his trousers. She found the elastic of his underwear
and gave a small yank.

And these would be?” she said, in
a voice so husky she hardly recognized it as her own.

He grabbed hold of her wrist, effectively
imprisoning her against his groin, whilst his other hand grabbed
the back of her head and pulled her forward. She was close enough
to feel the heat of his body. His sensual mouth hovered over hers
as he breathed, “That will cost you.”

Kitty swallowed at the heat she saw in those
eyes and licked her suddenly dry lips. The action made his eyes
focus on them, before his gaze once again collided with

Cost me what?”


Before she could even draw her next shuddering
breath, that sinful mouth descended on hers. The heat of him
surrounded her as she clung onto his shoulders for support. His
tongue plundered her mouth, whilst his hand roamed to her ass
pulling her closer into his groin and his obvious arousal.
, was the one fleeting thought Kitty had before she forgot
all about her friends, the dare, the hooting behind them and gave
herself up to the sensations his kiss aroused in her.

When he finally released her, she would have
stumbled had he not held her close. He smiled down on her with the
most seductive smile she had ever seen on a man.

Shoot, now what was I supposed to

She gave herself a mental shake to get her
befuddled brain to work and put her hand out. “I do believe you owe
me your boxers!”

So I do.” He led her back to her
astonished friends and disappeared to the men’s room, only to
reappear minutes later with a pair of Calvin Klein boxers in his
hand. He winked at Kitty and dropped them on the bar in front of
Daisy and Emy.

I do believe we’re


Kitty couldn’t sleep. She had managed to get
her friends back to the hotel, but no matter how much she punched
her pillow into submission, she just couldn’t settle. She felt
restless and unfulfilled. It had only been one kiss for goodness’
sake, but that one kiss had stirred her more than any of the ones
she had received before. Not that there had been that many; she
wasn’t that sort of a girl. But oh, she so wanted to be that girl
right now. Her friends were happily snoring next to her, and she
closed her eyes remembering that scene in the club. Alex had asked
the bartender for a pen after dropping his boxers in front of her,
and scribbled his phone number on one of the cork coasters
scattered around. “Ring me.” And with one last lingering look of
smoldering blue eyes, he had stalked back to his laughing

Kitty looked at that phone number now. Did she
Oh to hell with it
. She was in Amsterdam, horny as
hell, and there was a sexy stranger at the other end of the phone
she was holding in trembling fingers. He was probably fast asleep,
in which case she would get his voice mail and no harm done. Before
she could change her mind she pressed the buttons.

A deep male voice answered on the third

Alex here. Who’s this?”

Damn, his voice alone did strange things to
her insides. Kitty smiled to herself. He must still be out
somewhere, if the blaring music she could hear in the back ground
was anything to go by.

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