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Deeper: A Bad Blooded Rebel Novel


By Mellie George


Text copyright ©2015 Mellie

All Rights Reserved

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This book is a work of fiction.
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products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any
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The Author acknowledges
referencing the following people, places, music, bands, sports teams, movies,
and all that noise: Demon’s Wings and band members Nik Armstrong, Jesse
Thornton, Drake Stevenson, Shane Stevenson (used with permission by Terri Anne
Browning, Author), Hilton Inn & Suites, Fairfield Inn, KISS, Converse,


I want to dedicate this book to
the memory of my brother, Timothy Allen Stevens. He was one of the sweetest,
funniest, warmest, and most loving men I’ve ever known. He was an awesome
brother, a caring father, a great uncle, and an even better friend. My world
became significantly less bright when he passed away, and his loss will be felt
for the rest of my life.


I love you, Timmy, and will miss
you forever.





In Memory of Timothy Allen


June 14, 1973- June 19, 2014



















“Pass me the ball, Kris! I’m open,” Ryder called to
me, clapping his hands together. I dribbled the basketball a few more times
before passing it to him.

“Shoot it!” I yelled as Jude tried to block him from
making the shot.

Ryder smiled at me for a second before jumping up
and tossing the ball in the air. As it landed into the net with a swish, I ran over
and high-fived him.

Turning Beau and Jude, I announced, “That’s game,
dude! Ten points!”

Beau looked irritated. “I want a rematch!”

Jude was dribbling the ball as he said, “Nah, come
on, let’s play something else. This is getting boring.”

“Well what do you want to do? Recess is almost over,
there’s not much to do,” I said, swiping a few beads of sweat that had formed
on my forehead.

It was hot out here today. As much as I loved recess
and playing with my best friends, I couldn’t wait to get back inside to get a
drink from the water fountain.

As me and the guys were standing around talking, I
heard Kyle Carter laughing out loud. My eyes narrowed as I followed the sound.
I hated it. He sounded like a stupid chipmunk when he laughed and the only time
he did was when he was picking on some kid.

I glared at him and his stupid group of cronies. I
felt my hands ball into fists and I was gritting teeth together.

“Kris, you okay?” Ryder asked me, following my eyes
to Kyle.

Beau sighed out loud. “God, what’s that idiot up to

“Probably bullying some kid,” Ryder answered.

“Let’s go, guys, I don’t want to get in trouble
again. I’ve already been to the principal’s office once this morning and it’s
only the first day of school,” Jude said, tugging on my arm. “I’m not getting
detention because of that stupid moron.”

Our teacher blew the whistle that meant recess was
over. As my friends started to walk to where our class was forming a line, I
moved toward Kyle and his group that were gathered in a circle. I heard
groaning behind me and I knew Ryder, Beau, and Jude were backing me up just
like they always did. The four of us were a team and when one of us did
something the others had our back.

I hated Kyle Carter. His dad was a rich jerk and was
my dad’s boss at a tire plant. Kyle liked to make fun of everyone, especially
me because my dad worked for his dad. He would say crap to me all the time
about me being poor and tease me about not having a mom anymore and it made me
so mad that I wanted to hit him. I usually let it go because I didn’t want to
get in trouble. I knew if I did I’d get sent to the principal’s office and they
would have to call my dad. I would give anything to keep from getting punished
and hit with my dad’s belt. He always used the hard metal part on my back and
it made me bleed.

Even though I knew what would happen when I got home
and I was scared, today I was going to stop Kyle. I knew I would be in so much
trouble for stepping in and helping but I didn’t care. He seemed to get the
most fun out of bullying girls and after seeing how hard he made the last
little girl cry I wasn’t going to look away this time.

As I walked up to Kyle and his stupid friends I
could see who they were picking on…it was a tiny little brown haired girl. She
looked like she was probably in kindergarten.

Getting more and more pissed off, I reached the
bullies and yelled, “Hey! Leave her alone!”

Kyle turned to me with a mean smile on his face.
“What do you want, loser?”

“I said leave her alone, Kyle,” I said as I looked
at the little girl for the first time up close.

She was wearing a dirty blue dress, dingy white
socks, and scuffed up shoes. Her hair was messy and looked like she didn’t
brush it that day. Her face was dirty and sad but her eyes were big, really
big. They were blue and pretty. I felt angry as I saw tears pouring down her
dirty face. The little girl looked at me and my chest felt warm. When I looked
back at her I knew right then that I wanted to protect her. She seemed so sad
and scared.

“Yeah? And what are you and your loser friends going
to do about it, white trash?” he sneered.

His friends started laughing at us and my hands
formed into fists. I didn’t say another word before charging at him and punching
him in his face as hard as I could.

If I hadn’t been so mad and trying to protect the little
girl I would have laughed at how Kyle screamed like a girl. He cried and
screamed as I punched him over and over as hard as I could. I had never felt so
mad before. I don’t know how long I’d been hitting him before I felt someone
pull me away.

“Kristopher Engle, you stop right now!” yelled Mrs.
Wagner, my second grade teacher. “You and your friends are going to the
principal’s office!”

“It’s not fair!” Jude yelled. “Kyle and his stupid
friends were bullying that little girl and Kris was just trying to stop him!”

“Be that as it may that doesn’t give him the right
to attack someone like that! You always come and tell before you hit, Jude!”
she said.

I shook out of her grip as Kyle was being taken to
the nurse’s office. “Yeah, like that helps,” I snapped.

“Excuse me?” asked Mrs. Wagner as she led me, Beau,
Jude, Ryder, and the little girl to the principal’s office.

“You adults always tell us to tell when someone is
hurting someone else but you never do anything to stop it! Kyle has been
beating kids up since kindergarten and you’ve done nothing! Just like Jude has
told on his mom for drinking and hitting him, Beau has told on his mom for
letting men hit him and his baby sister, and I have told on my dad for beating
me until I bleed because he doesn’t want to take care of me! We always tell and
you always do nothing!” I yelled, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Mrs. Wagner seemed shocked and I thought she was
going to cry too.

She blinked a few times before she said, “That’s
enough, Kristopher. Let’s go everyone. You too, sweetheart,” she said to the
little girl.

I was happy that the girl was safe from being picked
on and made fun of but suddenly I was scared. Mrs. Wagner was going to call my
dad. He would be woken up from his nap after he’d had too much beer like he did
every day. He would come pick me up and when we got home he would hurt me and
make me bleed again. I wiped my face with the back of my arm and tried to stop
crying. I thought I was going to throw up.

As we walked into the school and started down the
hall toward the principal’s office, I felt someone grab my hand. I turned my
head and realized it was the little girl. She was shaking. My hand felt like it
was burning for some reason. I looked at her face and she was crying really
hard too.

“I’m sorry I got you in trouble,” she said quietly.
“I don’t want your daddy to hit you because of me.”

I didn’t know how long she was going to hold on but
I didn’t want to let her go yet. For some reason I was feeling a little less
scared after she grabbed my hand.

“It’s okay. It’s not fair for Kyle to pick on you
like that. You didn’t get me into trouble. I got myself into it. I do that a
lot,” I said, smiling at her.

She giggled and when she blinked a few tears fell
down her dirty cheeks.

“I’m always in trouble with my mommy too. She gets
real mad at me if I play too loud or if I get hungry and sneak something to eat
from the fridge.”

I frowned and felt sad for her. Her mom seemed to be
a lot like my dad.

“That’s not fair.”

“You live in my building,” she said. “I see you with
your friends playing games outside all the time from my window.”

We all sat down in the chairs outside the
principal’s office and the little girl sat next to me. She was still holding my

“I didn’t know you lived there too. Why don’t you
come out to play?”

“I thought you wouldn’t want to play with me. Mommy
says that I’m a bad girl and no one likes me. I thought you wouldn’t like me
either and I was scared to ask,” she answered timidly.

“Well, you can come and play with us next time,
okay? Can I tell you a secret?” I said, leaning into her ear.


“My friend Jude likes to jump rope,” I said, and the
little girl giggled again. I liked when she did that. “I knew that would make
you smile.”

“Thanks for helping me,” she said, her face still
sad even though I’d just made her laugh.

“I’m Kris,” I said, squeezing her hand.

She blinked her big blue eyes at me and answered,
“I’m Jessie.”




opened my eyes and blinked a few times. Whenever I would have dreams from my
childhood it always took me a minute to remember that I was far away from that
life now. I was no longer the abused little boy with a worthless drunk for a
father. I was Kris Engle, drummer for the famous rock band Bad Blooded Rebel
that I’d started in high school with my best friends. I was rich, famous, and
didn’t have any of the worries and stress I had growing up in an abusive

heard a soft, sensual moan coming from next to me. Smiling, I turned to face
the most important thing I had that always came first in my life.

baby,” I said to my gorgeous wife Jessie, sweeping a stray piece of chestnut
brown hair away from her face. I felt tingles shoot all the way down to my
awake dick as she blinked those big blue eyes at me.

morning. Did you sleep okay?” she asked me.

placed her delicate hand on my scruffy cheek and caressed it soothingly.

always do when I wake up next to you,” I said, kissing her forehead.

smiled at me but the way she was biting her lip told me she wanted to say more.

is it? What’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?”

were mumbling in your sleep,” she said, her eyes full of concern.

was?” I asked.

nodded sadly and answered, “You kept saying my name, ‘
pretty eyes’
, and
her alone’

sighed and wrapped my arm around her, pulling her beautiful body into mine.

dreamt of the day I met you,” I replied.

traced my bottom lip with her finger.

figured. You okay?”

smiled at her.

course I am. If I hadn’t defended you that day we wouldn’t be here now. I’d
take the beating I got later that day over and over if it meant I’d have you in
my arms at this moment.”

closed her eyes and shook her head.

hurts that he hit you for doing the right thing. I hated him so much, Kris. Even

hated him too, Jess,” I answered, my jaw locking and my hand unintentionally
gripping the sheet in remembered anger.

she said, seeing the look on my face. “He can’t hurt you anymore, you know that

took her hand in mine, kissing her soft skin. I made sure to add a few light
kisses to the platinum band on her delicate left finger.

know, baby. I just don’t want any of our past demons to affect our future. Especially
now,” I said to her.

felt a tiny nudge at my stomach under the blankets and we both laughed.

it looks like this little one agrees with you too,” Jessie said.

smiled and pulled the blankets back to see her gorgeous body. Placing my hand
on her belly, which seemed to be getting bigger and rounder by the day, I gave
it a rub.

morning to you too, peanut,” I said. “I can’t wait to meet you next week.”

giggled and the movement made her breasts jiggle slightly under her sleep top.
She’d been filling out everywhere and I couldn’t control my dick as it quivered
at the sight of her perfect chest that was barely covered by her camisole. It
was excruciatingly painful not to be able to sink myself into her and get lost,
but she was six days from her due date and Dr. Mitchell had told her no sex since
it had become too painful for her.

was torture; she had always been so beautiful to me but now that her body was
growing with our child it took all my strength not to ravage her every chance I
had. I felt another kick against my hand and I looked at Jessie, who was
practically glowing.

little one is growing so fast that I don’t know if we have another week,” she

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