Crave (Tainted Angels Book 1)



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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to actual places, incidents and persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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For Diane Yoz.

Thank you for asking for this, you allowed my heart and mind to be free.



REALM: A division of the earth, each specific to a particular race

EMPYREA: Spiritual realm for Empyreans

EMPYREAN: ‘The Light’. Virtuous Beings/Race

EREWHON: The higher realm. The Almighty residential kingdom

GEHENNA: Spiritual Realm for Gehenna

GEHENNA: ‘The Dark’. Evil Beings/Race

DREDGEN: Halfbreeds. Vampires and living dead creatures

SERAPH: (Empyrean) Angel

DEMON: (Gehenna) Demon

THE APLHA/ALMIGHTY: The creator of all things, including the earth, God and Diablo

PARTISANS: (Empyrean) Warriors

MINION: Slave/Aide

SUCCUBUS: A female demon

MAGE: A person skilled in the use and art of magic

ROUE: A seducer/charmer who can manipulate your sexual feelings towards themselves, making themselves seem attractive and desirable.

SEER: One who has the ability to glance at a person’s future/fate

UTOPIA: Heaven

HELL: Hell

THE ETHER: The afterlife for all spiritual beings

SOUL TAKER: Taker of souls for the Empyrean

CLEANSER: (Empyrean) An angel who cleanses dark souls for their progression into Utopia

HALAM: Takers of souls for the Gehenna

VIRUS: An incurable disease resulting in death for all spiritual beings contracting the infection that is carried around the bloodstream

SPIRIT SIBLINGS: (Empyrean) A chosen pair whose blood and souls are linked. Ritual (Spirit Harmonisation) performed on the child’s first birthday linking them spiritually to another for life protection

BOND BROTHER: (Gehenna) A chosen pair whose blood and souls are linked. Ritual (Blood bath) is performed on the child’s first birthday linking them spiritually to another for life protection

DARK MAGIC: Abilities available to only the Gehenna to perform supernatural acts

COUNCIL: (Empyrean and Gehenna) A group of elders specific to both realms. They rule over all other Empyreans/Gehenna

LINK: The joining of two or more minds for conversing

HATCH: (Gehenna) A conjured gateway using dark magic that allows the Gehenna to move from place to place instantly

SPONSOR: Teacher/mentor

COUPLING: Marriage or to be joined to another

MIRIAM STONES: Otherwise known as The Alpha Stones. Mystic runes that are linked to the creation of the earth, God and Diablo


weat stung my eyes, the burn of the sharp liquid blurring my vision. My breaths came in pants, each short, rough inhalation scorching my lungs as I raced along the beach, my bare feet sinking into the dry, soft sand.

I swung my head to the side, urgently scanning for them as they tracked me. I sucked at the cut to my arm, trying to remove my scent from the air. I knew it was futile, but still I tried.

“Run, Willa.”
Tobias’ voice burst into my mind, making me jump and skid on the sand. Although his voice in my mind was familiar, it offered little comfort when he was stating shit I was already doing. I needed direction. They were coming; the chill in the air deemed them close.

“I am.” I linked our minds, allowing him full access as I turned to look again.

“Get to Delilah’s rock. Lincoln is waiting for you.”

I nodded. This was good. Get to Lincoln. I could do that … I could do that. Oh, God. Could I do that? “They’re gaining on me, Tobias.”

“Then run. Run.”

I shivered as a gust of something wisped past me, my hair quivering as a slice of ice branded one side of my arm, each tiny hair snatching tightly.

He was here.

I slammed to a halt. My breathing sped up, threatening hyperventilation as the world swayed under me. My breastbone hurt as fire spread within me.

“Shit, Tobias. I can’t control it.”

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