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Authors: Hervie Haufler

Codebreakers Victory (57 page)

Wescombe, Peter.
Bletchley Park and the Luftwaffe.


From the Center for Cryptologic History, National Security Agency:

Miller, Ray.
The Cryptographic Mathematics of Enigma.

Wilcox, Jennifer.
Sharing the Burden: Women in Cryptology During World War II.


From Britain's Public Record Office:

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ENIGMA: Codebreaking and the Second World War.

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Reprint of Papers from the 1995 Enigma Symposium,
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Unpublished sources

Nielson, James. "Military Time." Section of a memoir recalling his experiences at Bletchley Park.

Sharp, Walter. "The 6813th Signal Security Detachment." Memoir telling of his duties in the "Machine Room" at BP.

Vergine, George. "Technical Sergeant at Bletchley Park." Memoir including a precise technical explanation of how "Fish" was broken.



Hinsley, F. H. "The Influence of ULTRA in the Second World War." Cambridge Security Group Seminar, 1993.

Jacobsen, Philip H. "The Codebreakers: Intelligence Contributions to U.S. Naval Operations in the Pacific."

MacEachin, Douglas J. "The Final Months of the War with Japan: Signals Intelligence, U.S. Invasion Planning, and the A-Bomb Decision." Monograph posted by the Center for the Study of Intelligence, www.

Parker, Frederick D. "A Priceless Advantage: U.S. Navy Communications Intelligence and the Battles of the Coral Sea, Midway and the Aleutians." National Security Agency—United States Cryptologic History,


Interviews and correspondence

Best, Paul, on operations of 6812th Signal Security Detachment.

Bing, Patricia, on life as a young assistant to Alan Turing.

Brewster, Molly, on the role of young women at BP.

Eachus, Joseph, on being the first "Ultra American."

Fredrickson, Robert, a devoted provider of useful information on all three Signal Service Detachments in Britain.

Manuel, Richard, a 6811th officer knowledgeable about the drastic March 1, 1945, change in the Germans' radio transmission procedures.

Norland, Selmer, a faithful consultant on all phases of the Americans' contributions to Ultra.

Sale, Tony, who rebuilt a Colossus at BP and helped me reach an understanding of it as well as other technical functions at the Park.

Sharp, Walter, another reliable adviser on the Ultra Americans at Bletchley.

Titus, William M., Jr., a 6811th officer with an acute memory of Set Room operations at Hall Place.

Vergine, George, very possibly the smartest American at BP, the man to whom the British gave some of the toughest work to be done on "Fish."

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