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Authors: Marion Studer

Catch my fallen tears (12 page)

              A unknown fast growing ache deep in my body lets me shutter.

              “Tucker please…” I all but breathe out, not knowing what I’m asking of him, while my heart hammers wildly against my rib cache as suddenly my entire body goes up in flames, reverberating through my blood, blurring everything around me as pleasure forks through me. “Oh god, Tucker.” I cry out as he pushes me over the edge and while still tingling, he climbs up my body, kissing every inch of my skin.

              As his hard body moves over mine I’m overwhelmed with his virility and strength as he holds me tight in his arms, still shaking with intoxication.

              “God, Chloe, you have no idea what you’re doing to me. I feel like this is exactly where I always had to be and I can’t tell you…” he rests his forehead against mine while he whispers, “… I can’t tell you how I feel to make you finally mine.”

              My hands move behind the back of his neck so I can lift up a bit when I whisper back, “I always was yours Tucker.”

              A slow smile appears at the edge of his lips, mixed with longing and adoration. He takes both my hands and links our fingers beside my head, his dark eyes full with love as he makes me his.



              I’m arranging the lovely wrapped gifts for the umpteenth time, my nerve on edge, smiling at the few guests standing in the room I nervously watch the door, waiting for the birthday boy to walk in.

              So many things happened in the last two years.


              My mother kept her promise and made an official declaration about the accident, suffocating any scepticism.

              I don’t know if it will bring us any closer, my mum and I, but it brought some contentment and we will further visit and see what will come of it.


              It’s incredible that I never heard any rumours about Tucker being involved in my step dad’s death. People might have been quiet on purpose around me. They might have been considerate around me or it probably was all just me.

              I always was a very private person and never one to gossip or to take note of such, and I certainly didn’t hear the whispers.

              Some time after my mother made the declaration all went quiet and people started to react very differently towards Tucker.

              He could finally move forward in his life and opened  just a couple of month ago his own business here in town. Getting already so many orders he thinks about hiring someone to help out and he’s very optimistic.

              I’m still teaching at the school and opened up to my peers and other people in town. By doing so I found some remarkable friends who are helping me today together with Tucker’s friend to celebrate his birthday.

              Proud and thankful I watch the small gang cheer as Tucker, unaware of this party enters the house, and smiling welcomes the hugs and handshakes. Our eyes meet over the crowd and I see his love and gratitude in them.


              A few month ago, right after our wedding, I started seeing Dr. Laura Dole; a psychiatrist of medicine dealing with mental, emotional and behavioural disorders.

              It was Tucker’s idea for me to cope with some problematic issues, like recurring panic attacks, nightmares and low self-confidence.

              Tucker offered to attend the sessions with me, but I think I need to do this on my own. I have horrible images stuck in my head that will remain there until the day I die. Images and memories no one should ever have to live with.

              I don’t want Tucker to have those same images stuck in his head too, and I really don’t want him to be thinking about this whenever he looks at me.

              He know way too much already, but I never told him in details what was going on. He has his assumptions but no real facts except the once visual on my body. And I will keep it at that. The nightmares are mine to endure and maybe with help from Dr. Dole I will overcome some of my fear.

              I thank God every day to bring Tucker back into my life. He always was and will be my best friend and I know we will have a great future together.


              I rush over and slip my arms around his neck whispering, “happy birthday.”

              “Thank you, love,” he whispers back into my ear. “How long will they stay?”

              I lean back a little and laugh. “You want to cut your own party short? What about all the gifts you have to unwrap?”

              “There’s only one gift I want to unwrap.” He says quietly and looks me over von head to toe and I blush deeply as I take his hand an lead him to the table.

              As everyone claps to him blowing out the candles  I lean in again and whisper, “make a wish Tucker.”

              He turns towards me with a grin. “I got everything, what else is there to wish for?”

              “Are you sure?” I excitedly blow into his ear, one hand brushing over his neck and tugging lightly at his hair. He gazes hotly at me and I let out a giggle, now I’m myself anguish for the party to end.


              As the last guests drive away, Tucker closes the door and pins me against the wall. “Now what about that gift?” He mumbles against my lips as he kisses me deeply. His hand slowly unbuttoning one tiny button at the time.

              “You will find it,” I giggle.

              Standing in front of him in my lacy bra and panties, Tucker’s eyes change into dark pools. “Found it… and I love your present.” His lips trail over my jaw to my shoulder and in spite of the unbelievable sensation I still can’t quit giggling.

              “No, you haven’t found it… yet.”

              He smiles against my skin and my breathing gets heavier as he unhooks my bra and slowly removes my panties. “Now I do.” He growls as he lifts me onto his hips.

              “No , you don’t.” I breath out heavy and as he enters me I dig into his shoulders. “But you’re so close… daddy.”

              He smiles as he deepens our kiss then freezes. His mouth still on mine he looks at me and I giggle again. “Happy birthday, daddy!”

              “You… you mean… ?” He stumbles and I can’t stop from being the happiest ever.

              “Yeah, how about a tree house for your first child… later I mean, after we… “

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