Bound: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance (Becker Bad Boys Book 2) (2 page)

Whipping his BMW into a tight space in front of the shop, Jax hopped out.

“Can I help you, sir?” The clerk with very dark hair and beard asked him. With his thick accent, Jax guessed he was from the Middle East.

“Yes, I want a dozen long stemmed red roses. The best you have.” He smiled broadly retrieving his wallet from his back pocket.

“Yes, sir. The best we have? That will be $500.00. These are very special. We just got them in today from Ecuador.”

Jax’s eyes widened. He’d never spent that much on flowers before.

“I assure you, sir, these last a good long time and they are very special. For a very special lady.” He smiled.

Jax nodded.

“Yes, she’s very special. Wrap them up for me I’ll take them.” Jax handed him his credit card.

In a few moments, Jax was on his way with the most fragrant and beautiful roses he’d ever seen.

The car pulled up to Fiona’s apartment building. Jax felt his cock throb as he walked up to her apartment. This was going to be an amazing night he could feel it.





Fiona squealed with joy as she saw the gorgeous roses Jax handed her. They were so beautiful! She’d never had anyone bring her such gorgeous flowers before!

“Jax, they’re perfect!” She exclaimed inhaling their deep, perfumed scent. She snatched a vase from underneath the sink and placed them in water.

Jax strolled around the counter to get a better look at her. She was dressed in a tight red dress that showed off her perfect figure. Her long hair was casually styled hanging loose and sexy around her shoulders.

“You look beautiful, Fiona.” Jax pressed his lips to hers. Fiona melted into his arms as passion overtook her. All she could think of was having him inside her.

“I thought about you all day, baby.” He whispered kissing her ear softly. She moaned and ran her hands over his strong chest. She adored feeling how muscled he was. His cock rose up hard as he pressed her against him. Her pussy clenched tightly and she felt herself become dripping wet as he continued exploring her mouth with his tongue.

Jax yanked her bra down exposing her enormous breasts. He flicked her nipples with his fingers thumbing them until they stood erect. Fiona’s head fell back as he swept her up into his arms.

“Let’s go to your bed.” He whispered.

But Fiona couldn’t wait that long.

“Take me here, Jax. Right here on the table.”

Pushing her over to the oak table, Jax pulled up her skirt to the side. Her panties were soaking wet as he eased them from her pussy. Fiona nearly came as he gently stroked her hot throbbing clit.

“God, you’re amazing.” She whispered. Fiona leaned over the table her tits pressed against the wood as she gripped the edges. Her pussy pulsated waiting for his huge cock to penetrate her.

“Fuck me.” Fiona pleaded.

“You want me to fuck your sweet little pussy?” Jax whispered in his deep, sexy voice as he rubbed the tip of his dick against her wet pussy.

“Yes.” Fiona whispered.

“Beg me, baby. I wanna know how much you want me.”

“Please!” Fiona cried her hips circling back to his cock. Her pussy ached with need.

“Again?” Jax commanded as his fingers parted her hairless lips and then slipping his finger deep inside her.

“Fuck me, Jax, oh please, fuck me NOW!” She cried loudly.

Slapping her hard on the ass, Jax then grabbed her hips and thrust his cock so deep inside her she cried out. His cock felt enormous as it slid in and out of her hot cunt his balls slapping her wet pussy nearly spanking her clit.

Fiona threw her head back her long blonde hair cascading down her back. Jax moaned as he felt how tight her pussy was. She was so unbelievably wet too!

He fucked her so hard the table scooted across the kitchen floor making a terrible squeaking sound. Neither one of them paid any mind.

Suddenly, Fiona felt an overwhelming desire to suck his cock. She adored giving head. She might have made it through high school a virgin, but her oral skills had always been highly praised.

Whipping around, she fell to her knees in front of Jax. He tore off his t shirt tossing it to the floor. Fiona gazed up at his bronzed Greek god body admiring his muscles flexing as he held his huge cock up to her waiting mouth. A long stream of pre cum drizzled down the length of his dick. Fiona licked her lips and lapped at the tip of his cock. His pre cum was delicious and slightly sweet.

Sucking and licking the length of his shaft, Fiona’s hand drifted down to her wet pussy sliding her own fingers in and out. She then circled her clit feeling how swollen it was. Her other fist pumped up and down Jax’s cock alongside her mouth.

Jax groaned as he reached down to grasp her head. Pushing her up and down his cock, he began throat fucking her. Damn, she was the best he’d ever had! She could take the entire length of his cock down to his balls.

Fiona’s mouth filled with his cock. Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth as she rubbed herself feeling her orgasm near. As she ground her hand against her throbbing clit, she felt Jax’s cock swell even bigger in her mouth. With a quick jerk of his hips, she felt his orgasm close.

“That’s it, baby, make me come. I’m gonna fill your mouth full. Swallow it, baby!” Jax groaned loudly.

Immediately, his thrusts intensified. With a sharp jerk, her mouth was filled with his come. Thick and slightly bitter tasting, she eagerly slurped his load down. Some of it trickled from her mouth as she pulled away.

“My God, Fiona, I’ve never had anyone do it like that before. Wow.” Jax fell against the counter panting and out of breath. Sweat glistened on his bronzed, muscled chest.

Gripping her shoulders, he pulled her up. He laid her down on the table and pulled her legs over his shoulders. Fiona reached for him, but he pushed her back as he buried his head between her legs.

His eager tongue found her quivering clit. Her clit was swollen and aching as his tongue circled her round and round. Fiona’s eyes rolled back as she felt his tongue lap gently at her pussy making her wetter and wetter. Writhing on the kitchen table with her legs draped over his shoulders, she ground her pussy on his tongue.

She tasted so incredibly sweet. Her juice dripped from his chin as he licked her cunt all over. Jax rubbed his face gently between her legs nuzzling her sweetness. Jax’s tongue trailed against the inside of her firm thighs kissing her and licking her.

“Oh my God.” She moaned as her pussy tightened. She felt her orgasm descending upon her crashing like a huge wave. Delicious waves of pulsation filled her as she came drenching his face making him moan with pleasure.

Her legs weak and quivering from her intense orgasm, Fiona continued to lie on the table. Stars were exploding in her mind as she peered up at Jax staring into his incredible blue eyes.

“That was wonderful.” She whispered as he kissed up the length of her body. Stopping to suck her nipples, Jax looked up at her and smiled.

“You’re wonderful, Fiona.”

“Stay with me tonight, Jax.” Fiona hopped off the table and motioned for him to follow her.

Jax nodded picking up his clothes from the floor.

Walking up the stairs, he followed her into her bedroom.

“Can I take a shower real quick? You’re welcome to join if you like.” Jax winked at her.

“Sure. Just let me check my phone. You go on ahead.” Fiona turned to check her messages as Jax disappeared into the bathroom.

A few seconds later she heard the water running. Checking her phone she saw there were no messages. Attempting to locate a towel, Fiona tossed some articles of clothing off her bed. Jax’s pants fell to the floor and his phone tumbled out.

Her curiosity piqued Fiona noticed his phone blinking. There were several text messages. Thinking she would just take a quick peek, she clicked on the message icon.

Hey Jax need you to answer me. Did you get the info on Skylar Manning yet?

Fiona furrowed her brow. What the fuck was this about? It was from someone named Gibson. But why would they be asking about her boss?

Jax, I need you to call me ASAP. You said you had something for us on Manning. Was it from Fiona?

What the hell?

Call me Jax ASAP.

Oh my God, she thought. It was about her and Manning. But why? Who the hell was Gibson? So Jax was the one who copied files off her computer? Now she was going to be in hot water at work.

Why the hell would Jax be interested in her work? In Manning? Her hands shaking she replaced the phone in his pants’ pocket. She heard the shower door open.

“Fiona! Come join me, baby.”

“Coming!” She yelled back grabbing the huge pink towel from the bed.

“Not yet you’re not.” Jax’s voice called back to her.

Walking into the steam filled bathroom, Fiona stepped into the shower with Jax. Water streamed over their bodies as they embraced. Despite being swept away with pleasure, Fiona couldn’t help but wonder.

Who was Jax Becker anyway?







Excerpt from Cuffed, A Becker Bad Boys Book Three


“Jax, why is someone texting you about my boss?” Fiona sat on the bed her luscious breasts exposed.


“Who the hell are you, Jax Becker?”

Jax sighed heavily and walked over to her.

“It’s complicated, Fiona. I’m not….I’m not an IT consultant. I’m an FBI agent.”

“WHAT?” Fiona nearly fell off the bed.

“FBI. But that doesn’t mean—“

“Doesn’t mean what? You’re the one who breached security at my company. And you’re the one copying files from my computer! You could get me fired, Jax!”

Jax ran his hands through his hair.

“Fiona, I’m sorry. I was assigned this case by Gibson, my boss. I was supposed to get evidence to indict Manning by—“

“By going through me?” Fiona clenched her teeth. She twisted the sheets in her fists.

“Sort of. Look, it’s before I knew who you were. But that’s the least of your worries, Fiona. There’s stuff on your computer that would implicate you as much as Manning. I can help you—“

Fiona stood up wrapping the sheet around her body.

“Oh, you’ve done quite enough already. Get out!”

Jax looked down.

“Listen to me, Fiona, Manning’s going down and I don’t want you to go down with him…”

































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