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Authors: Cassidy Hunter

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Beyond the Shadows (14 page)

“What I’m going to do is fuck you. I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to move until tomorrow. I’m going to thrust my unbearably aching dick into your slick, hot pussy and make you come screaming my name.” With a quick, violent pull, his hands were free and reaching for his ankle restraints. Before she could close her gaping mouth, she was beneath him. Gripping her thigh, he held her open and, with one brutal thrust, shoved his cock inside her. “Any other questions?”

He was big, so big. His iron-hard cock filled her up, stretched her, rubbed against her inner walls with a friction that had her screaming his name before she came, scrabbling at his back with her nails. Her orgasm built, starting in her center and spreading like butter through her entire being. When it exploded she couldn’t scream, couldn’t
, and she wrapped her legs around his thrusting body and gave herself over to it. To him.


Afterward he washed her as she lay on their bed, his soapy hands gentle between her legs, his gaze tender. “My Sarah.” And when he finished, he picked her up and sat on the side of the bed, holding her.

It couldn’t have been more perfect.

But once again, he proved her wrong.

He slid her off his lap, and she sat unsteadily on the bed, tired, peaceful. And then, he knelt before her.

He slid his fingers up her leg, and carefully took her hand in his. “Sarah, will you speak the vows with me? I will spend the rest of my seeing to your happiness.”

“Oh, my God…” Air stuck in her throat, her brain refused to work.

A smile swept his face, then fell away. “Could I have your answer?”

His nervousness made her smile. “Yes. Kai…

He bent his head over her hand and pressed his lips to her knuckles. “My love.”

She couldn’t help it. “Can we bring them back?”

“It’s best to let them go, for now, Sarah.”

She knew he was right. “For now.”


“We should talk about


“He’s been in your prison for ten years. And he’s really a sweetheart. We should talk about him.”

Kai sighed. “And I’m sure we will.”

She smiled and slid from the bed into his arms, content.

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Beyond the Shadows


Cassidy Hunter


Cassidy is a writer of urban fantasy romance and paranormal romance. She lives in Ohio.

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