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Authors: Matt Christopher

Baseball Pals (9 page)

Matt Christopher

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Andre Agassi

John Elway

Wayne Gretzky

Ken Griffey Jr.

Mia Hamm

Grant Hill

Randy Johnson

Michael Jordan

Lisa Leslie

Tara Lipinski

Mark McGwire

Greg Maddux

Hakeem Olajuwon

Emmitt Smith

Sammy Sosa

Mo Vaughn

Tiger Woods

Steve Young


Jimmie’s selfish move could ruin the whole team …

When Jimmie is elected captain of his baseball team, his first decision is to appoint himself pitcher—much to his teammates’
dismay. They already have a good pitcher, Paul. When Jimmie’s pitches fail to find their mark, his teammates let it be known
that they want Paul back on the mound. But even if Jimmie agrees, will Paul be willing to return?

Matt Christopher
is the writer young readers turn to when they’re looking for fast-paced, action-packed sports novels. For a listing of all
his titles and information on joining the Matt Christopher Fan Club, turn to the last pages of this book.

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