Addicted To The Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance The Euthenian Battle (Book 2) (2 page)

The way his large hands
bite into my waist as he picks me up to move my body over his sends
sensations through me of being light as a feather in his strong

His warm lips touch my
neck, sending chills through me. He bites it hard, igniting a moan
from me.

Moving my hands from his
luxurious hair, I trail my fingertips over his muscled back then
down his arms. His giant biceps move every time he lifts me

I leave my hands on them,
enjoying the feeling of the bulky muscles as they move beneath my
hands. Trailing kisses along my neck, Kerr’s mouth finds mine, and
he kisses me hard. His tongue twirls with mine.

The feel of his muscles
moving, his tongue stroking, and his long, hard cock filling me
over and over again is taking my body to its edge. I blow apart
inside with a quiet moan as I know we have to be quiet, lest we’re
overheard and caught.

Kerr pulls his mouth from
mine and speaks through clenched teeth, “Come all over my hard
cock, Baby. Give it all to me.”

His words spark something
in me and I ride him harder as my walls squeeze him, provoking him
to join me in this ecstasy.

With a moan, his body
stiffens and heat fills me. It’s the best feeling in the universe.
It’s all I want. To be with him like this forever is all I want out
of life. And yet, for now, at least, this has to be

I’ll not be able to lie in
his arms and fall asleep. I’ll not get to lie my head on his chest
and hear his heart beating inside it.

I love you, Kataline,”
his words come in a whisper near my ear.

My heart pounds even
harder. It has only been a few days since...

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